7 Reasons to Get Outdoors This Winter

Dunes-Learning-Center-Logo-2016Winter is a special time in the dunes, offering ample opportunity for fun and learning! Dunes Learning Center naturalists lead field-based school programs in every season, so we asked them to share their top winter recreation recommendations, below.

Get Winter Fit
Physical activity, such as walking, hiking, or biking, is more effective during the winter because your body burns more calories trying to keep warm. This makes for a better cardio workout and more endurance by the time spring rolls around!

Try a New Sport
Spice up your winter with a new activity. From skiing, to snowshoeing, to fat tire bikes—winter sports provide new and different ways to explore the outdoors.

Fight the Winter Blues
Playing outside, especially during winter months, can combat obesity and depression that comes from spending too much time indoors.

Cold Weather Construction
From snow forts to snow animals, create anything you can imagine with winter’s most abundant resource—snow!

Outdoor Art
A field of white makes an excellence canvas! Try this idea: reuse a squirt bottle or plastic water bottle by poking a hole in the lid and fill with a mixture of mostly water and a little food coloring to "paint" on snow.

#NoFilter Needed
Fewer leaves to block available light, combined with the reflective qualities of snow, lead to sparkling photo ops. Climb to the top of your favorite dune to capture a stellar seasonal selfie.

For the Birds
After a heavy snow, birds are easier to see and hear. Put the rest of the world on “mute,” hit the trail, and tune into the sights and sounds of winter!

Still looking for motivation to get outdoors? Head to Dunes Learning Center on Saturday, January 14 for a day of free family fun! Learn more, and complete your free registration at duneslearningcenter.org/events.