3 Good Things Lead to Another

chris-parkandmadisonAnyone that knows me knows I have a crazy way of looking at things. This morning as I was driving through Valpo, a tree popped into my view and turned into a story about the GOOD all around, and the trail of things that get linked together to create other good things.

As I approached the intersection of Park & Madison this morning, a tree came into view. The tree was a vivid shade red and just made me feel good looking at it, the way that trees do in the middle of fall when the leaves start changing colors.

I continued on my way, turning left onto Lincolnway by Ben Franklin Middle School, where I came across a sign that was advising people to look for kids crossing the crosswalk. I thought about this for a moment. Not only is it important to watch for kids at this particular intersection by Ben Franklin Middle School, it's important at every corner. No one needs to get where they're going that fast – it's much better to be a minute or two late for work, and miss the text or Facebook post and be on the lookout at every intersection.

I ended my journey at Blackbird Cafe in town, and as I walked in, I ran into Jeff Jacobs (If you don't know Jeff, you should – he's got a strong, independent mind and I love running into him). As I enjoyed my morning coffee, smoothie and bagel, I was able to argue with him about the GOOD in the world.

Jeff jokingly nagged me about what good news I had for him today, and I told him how even though it was so early, I had already experienced three good things – the tree at the corner of Park and Madison, the sign advising me to watch out for kids, and now the chance to argue with him! His view on the morning was slightly different. ;-)

chris-crosswalkNeedless to say, I think that my viewpoint prevailed; at least on this one sunny morning. I thought back about the tree, the sign, and the fun I was having arguing with Jeff as the nice gal working at Blackbird brought over an extra smoothie for me. I may have a crazy way of finding the good in life everyday, but hey - that led to a free smoothie, that carries me on my way.

Jeff's suggestions for what would be good new have not yet happened today, though I will leave them unpublished.

In close, watch out for the kids, check out the corner of Park and Madison, and enjoy the great debates when they come your way.