27th Annual Hobart Lakefront Festival Continues Tradition of Music, Food, and Fun by the Lake

27th Annual Hobart Lakefront Festival Continues Tradition of Music, Food, and Fun by the Lake

Food, music, and shopping always come together wonderfully to serve a great time. At the 27th annual Hobart Lakefront Festival on Friday, every aspect of the event served people of the community and festival goers a fun and enjoyable night.

The Hobart Lakefront Festival is a free event that offers festival goers opportunities to buy food from vendors, shop at stands, and listen to live music along the lake. On Friday night, country-rock hybrid band Buck Daddy and the Positive Vibes entertained a vibrant crowd; a few people even danced along to the music. The festival also hosts events such as the Dam Duck Tape and Cardboard Regatta on Saturday and the Dam Duck Race on Sunday afternoon. The Dam Duck Tape and Cardboard Regatta is an event where participants construct boats solely out of duct tape and cardboard, while the Dam Duck Race is an event where 4,000 rubber duckies are spilled over the dam and race to the finish line, where the one lucky winner earns its owner $1,000.

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“The Hobart Lakefront Festival is our longest, most popular and biggest event that we do of the year,” said Hobart Special Events Director Nikki Lopez. “In order to increase attendance over the years, we’ve added events, craft vendors, and cool, unique food. It is 100% important to have this festival in order to develop a really good sense of community amongst our residents.”

The Lakefront Festival isn’t only a place for festival goers to have fun but is also a place for businesses and organizations around the area to engage in their community by taking part in the event.

“We are Hobart’s community Humane Society Shelter, so we wanted to be a part of the event because it is such a big event for the community and also to get exposure for our shelter animals,” said Hobart Humane Society Director and Outreach Coordinator Sandi Petee. “I think the festival is a great place for people to meet their neighbors, because it is so important to have one-on-one interaction with people in your community.”

For some businesses and organizations, the festival is a great opportunity to get recognized and familiarized with citizens, but for others like Polly Johns, owner of My Psychic Gallery, the event is an exciting yearly tradition and priority.

“I only show my stand and sell my products in Hobart because I’ve been a part of this community for 20 years, and I love being able to give back to my community by selling my products at the Lakefront Festival,” Johns said. “I’ve almost always been at the festival every year, and it has been amazing to see my business growing bigger and better.”

The Hobart Lakefront Festival runs until Sunday, August 19 and is a great event to listen to music, shop, and eat with friends and family. The remaining band lineup for the festival includes:


  • Saturday August 18 at 1pm: High Street Band
  • Saturday August 18 at 4pm: The Crawpuppies
  • Saturday August 18 at 8pm: Superfly Redneck
  • Sunday August 19 at 1pm: The Relics
  • Sunday August 19 at 5pm: Nawty