2018 Give Back: Advanced Dental Concepts Reaches Out to Community to Grow Family

2018 Give Back: Advanced Dental Concepts Reaches Out to Community to Grow Family

What’s better than knowing and trusting your dentist like family? Absolutely nothing. This is why Advanced Dental Concepts does everything in their power to present themselves to their region as such. With the help of Office Administrator Wendy Harrell and Market Coordinator Ashley Edmonds, the dream of connecting their staff and business to the community has become their number one mission.

Over time, Advanced Dental Concepts has become recognized as a business that is always looking to do more in the community, even beyond making sure they have healthy teeth!

Harrell spoke about how many of their patients give back to the community and fill crucial roles, such as firefighters and police officers. Both she and Edmonds created something that could be structured toward their gratitude for the life-saving work they do, a project called “Back the Reds and Blues”.

“This project is support for our firemen and police officers, the first responders. We give them $100 credit in our office, just for being a first responder,” Harrell said.

The staff also pitched in to make related T-shirts, where all proceeds went to two first responder charities as well.

“It was actually Dr. Hayes that came up with it and got the idea going,” Harrell said. “We took it and ran with it!”

Back the Reds and Blues will be an ongoing project until further notice.

“I think this could be something long-standing, just as a constant thank you for what they do,” Harrell said.

This past October, Advanced Dental Concepts hosted Trunk or Treat at their Portage Location, and their Candy Buy Back in Crown Point.

Both Crown Point and Portage locations united to put together Buddy Bags for the children in the community. The school corporation in Crown Point sends these bags of food on Fridays for those who aren’t prepared for the weekend.

Both mentioned that they were able to collect a few thousand bags that were sent throughout the schools in the area.

“It’s a pretty neat thing to see the community come together to make piles of boxes and bags of food for kids. Sometimes kids send us thank-you letters, because they are so grateful for the food on the weekends,” Harrell said.

On top of this, Advanced Dental Concepts is known as a premier sponsor of almost any races in the area. If there is a race in the area, Advanced Dental Concepts is more than likely sponsoring it. This is because most runs in the area almost always benefit some type of food pantry or greater cause.

“We usually give a sponsor donation, and a bag full of treats for the runners from our office,” Harrell said.

They also do as much as we can for schools in the area, as well. They just recently donated various products for hygiene baggies to give students in Health Class.

“We do a lot of sponsoring for sports teams, donating for different events they may have,” Harrell said. “We are a diamond sponsor of Crown Point Schools.”

Harrell mentioned that soon they will be coordinating with the Portage school systems in order to place a positive and impactful imprint on students and the community.

“We are always trying to find ways to put our foot in the door,” Harrell said. “We want to mirror the outreach we have in Crown Point to Portage.”

The team just recently got their foot in one door, by committing to sponsor the Portage Little League.

Since February is Children’s Dental Health Month, employees are planning to visit schools to teach about the importance of hygiene, how to take care of their teeth, and send them home with free goodies to help them take care of their teeth.

“I’ve gone before and I had the opportunity to go to some of the schools with our hygienist Allison to help with the presentation,” Harrell said. “The kids really enjoy the goodies and the experience. It shows them that good hygiene early on in life is important before it is too late.”

One of the focal reasons Advanced Dental Concepts is so present in their communities, is because they do everything in their power to combat any negative or anxious feelings about dentistry work. This rings true, especially while working with children, where those feelings start to develop.

“Combatting those feelings is a huge reason we do so much in the community. It’s important to establish a personal relationship and welcome you into our office as family,” Harrell said.

Advanced Dental Concepts makes it their duty to serve those who serve them, their families, and friends on a daily basis. For more information on their outreach in the community, please visit https://www.adc4smiles.com/.