2016 Chester Inc. Golf Outing Brings Out the Camaraderie in Business Relationships

2016 Chester Inc. Golf Outing Brings Out the Camaraderie in Business Relationships

On Thursday, Chester Incorporated hosted their company golf outing at The Brassie Golf Club in Chesterton with the goal of maintaining and boosting great customer relations between Chester and its construction business partners.

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“Today is important to us contractors,” said Hal Kemerer of Rose Brick Materials. “It’s a great way to say thank you to us.”

Before they took to the course, the participants mingled over coffee and donuts. Ryan Turner of Chester’s IT sales department knew how important holding events like this really are.

“It’s good for our vendors to know we appreciate them. Getting them out of their offices and into the fresh air is the least we could do for all their hard work and business,” Turner explained. “Getting to know the people you work with and contract with on a personal basis is really important to us. It felt good to be relaxing with my co-workers”.

The outing could not have fallen on a better day, with clear skies and rolling breezes keeping the participants out on The Brassie. They played through the rolling greens of the course, cheering on their fellow team members as they landed far puts and solid driving tees.

“It was a blast and the weather was just beautiful,” stated William Schott of an Liberty Title & Escrow Company. “I had some great guys on my team, it was a real pleasure."

Carl Patz of Tech Credit Union described the event as a great event to get collegues and coworkers together.

“Not only is it fun to golf with everyone, but hopefully facilitate future business,” Patz explained. “Seeing all of us out of the office gives us the chance to connect with other businesses too, and see what they have to offer. It’s great being able to spend some time together.”

The main focus of the day in most of the golfers' minds was a good score as there were multiple opportunities for players to walk away with cash prizes. For one golfer, Nate Cobbs, the main focus of the day was hole-in-one he hit. Congrats, Nate! 

Rich Shields, Director of Marketing & Business Development of Chester Inc., saw the purpose of the day on a great day of golf and camaraderie.

“We thought it’d be great to take some time for our vendors and customers to basically give back for all the hard work they’ve done over the years for Chester,” Shields explained. “We wanted to show our appreciation by giving them a day off of work come out and enjoy the weather and play golf.”

“It is a networking event at heart,” he continued. “By bringing everyone together, we create new relationships and strengthen existing ones.”

“One of our contractors had never met an employee of ours but had been working together for years,” he said. “So that was what the event was all about, putting a face to the name and building that association.”

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