2016-17 Calumet College of St. Joseph School Year Begins

rot1School is beginning at Calumet College of St. Joseph, and navigating the ins-and-outs of handling dates such as when is the last day to withdraw, when tuition is due, and the all important last day to change classes are can be tricky when added to the additional responsibilities of day-to-day classes.

Below is a list of the need-to-knows for Fall Semester to help you get your academic year started on the right foot:

  • August 29 & 30: College Survival Orientation for new students
  • September 6: First day of traditional classes begins
  • September 6: Tuition payment is due
  • September 13: Last day for class changes (add/drop)
  • September 30: Last day to withdraw from a course without instructor approval
  • October 3: Mid-term
  • November 24-26: Thanksgiving Recess
  • December 9: Last day to withdraw with instructor approval
  • December 12-17: Semester exams
  • December 18: December graduation
  • December 19-23: Intersession classes

For more information and dates, please be sure to refer to the official CCSJ Academic Calendar