2015 And the Year of Good Film

2015 And the Year of Good Film

For me, 2015 was the year that got me seriously back into the world of film. From big blockbusters to smaller films, it seemed that this was the year that embraced my favorite genres and attempted to push forward with some new and genuine experiences. While this isn't a "best of" 2015 list, this is a list of what were the most exciting, most emotional and most positive film experiences of 2015.

Taking the Blockbuster and Adrenaline Charging it with Mad Max Fury Road:

The blockbuster to end all blockbusters in 2015, the film that brought back the gritty and hard-edged glory of the 80's action flick along with a cast of unique and likable characters that grow through their respective arcs throughout the entire film. Filled with the relentless pacing and nonstop action that keeps the interest high for the entire film, from the first frame to the last, Fury Road was a breathless journey that I know I will be revisiting years from now.

Mixing Genres and Creating Uniqueness with Dope:

Speaking of 80's flicks, Dope is the geek out of water trying to fit in with the cool crowd movie remixed with the modern sensibilities and snappy dialog of today's comedies. The story of one young man's dream to get into Harvard but is struggling to survive in the gang filled neighborhoods of Inglewood, becomes ever more complicated when he becomes involved in crime, love and a mystery along the way. It's the kind of genuine comedy with well-written characters that creates a group of lovable characters that you root for the entire time. It's not quite a drama, not quite a mystery and not quite a comedy, it's a wild mix of all the above but ends up sticking the landing and becoming a generally likable and memorable flick for 2015.

The Dethroning of Bond with Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and The Walk:

I dig Bond and I enjoyed his latest globe-trotting adventures with this year's release of Spectre. However, I would be lying if I didn't say that both Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and The Walk both surpassed Bond's status as the premier spy movie to see in theaters. Both delivered the thrill a minute spectacles we all expect complete with car chases, sneaking around, planning seemingly impossible heists and staying one step ahead of the enemy made for some fun and ultimately more entertaining than Bond spy flicks.

Taking Established Tropes and Throwing Them Out with Ex Machina and The Hateful Eight:

On their surfaces, both Ex Machina and Hateful Eight seem like two new entries in the sci-fi and western genre, but upon just a few minutes with each film, you discover that it is anything but the case.

This seemed to be the year the filmmakers tore down the established tropes of long standing film genres to tear them up, piece them back together and build them up again to present a product that may resemble the previous genre, but, in the end, present something entirely new and thrilling. From Ex Machina's charming and dark psychological underlying to the Hateful Eight's willfulness to dive into a whodunit set in the snowy west, this was the year that took the genres of old and gave them some new, creative life.

Living up to Massive Hype with Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens:

To say the newest film in the Star Wars saga had a tremendous amount of hype to live up to is a tremendous understatement. The expectations of long-time fans and casual movie goers were huge and arguably a seemingly impossible task until it's December 17th release date where fans with baited breath took the first step into a series of three new films and were relieved. While The Force Awakens wasn't the Star Wars film to beat Star Wars itself, it was a supremely enjoyable and nostalgic epic sci-fi saga that brought together new and old fans alike and created a new entry for the Star Wars saga. Most films and franchises would collapse under the massive pressure but then again, most films do not have the cultural impact and status that only Star Wars can bring.

2015 was a great year for film and with 2016 already looking interesting for all genres of film, I can't wait to see what leaves a big impact months later. With plenty of great films not mentioned here and plenty more on the horizon, I'm sure there will be plenty to say once 2016 ends.