2014 Opening Day Serves as a Sunshine Day for Chesterton’s European Market

Chesterton’s European Market Opening Day made the weather burst into sunshine! Vendors and visitors alike embraced the opening day for an opportunity of family fun and a chance at this season’s first items.

Each year, the market opens the first Saturday of May and runs through the last Saturday of October. As in past years, the hours are 8 am until 2 pm. Organized and promoted by the Duneland Chamber of Commerce, it’s also held in their parking lot at 220 Broadway, on the first block of 3rd Street and in Thomas Centennial Park.

Since the market debuted in 2003, it has grown more each year. There are over 90 booths scheduled for this year’s 2014 season. Products range from arts and crafts to eyeglasses to fruits and veggies, and even artisan breads and other baked goods.

The Market’s success is due in large part to the community’s support every weekend through the summer. Chesterton’s European Market is known to draw attendees from communities Chesterton, as it is one of the best markets of its kind in the area.

“It draws the community together and brings everybody out and they enjoy the day. It’s a lot of fun. I know everybody looks forward to it! We’ve got some new vendors; we’ve got some of the same vendors from since the Market Started. We have about 92 vendors that come out almost every week. Today, we have about 87. It’s a good day. It’s good, family fun,” said Deanna Kasch, Market Manager at the Duneland Chamber of Commerce.

The efforts put forth by the Chamber were obvious in the faces of visitors and booth holders alike. People walked from booth to booth, admiring the artistry of crafts, sampling the unique tastes of gourmet food and enjoying the day with their families.

Chesterton’s European Market is very family-friendly! From an educational angle, children can learn to understand our food supply by meeting local farmers. Overall, it is just a lot of fun to see so many things that we don’t see every day. There are also plenty of tasty snacks to sample and to take home.

“The Market brings people to town, for one thing. It’s especially good in the summertime. The tourists – a lot of people coming in to the Dunes, the beach, and they come into Chesterton. On Market Day, they have a place to come, walk around, and look at things. So, economically, it’s good for us,” noted Philip Jensen of Proteus Bound – Modern First Editions, a book seller who has been part of the European Market since it began.

Every booth had its own story. Every couple, family, and individual came for its own reason – be it farm-fresh produce, locally-grown starter plants, premade foods, exquisite craftsmanship, or simple people watching – but everyone left having with a good memory! Most people even left with tummies full of samples and bags of goodies to enjoy at home!

If you missed opening day, don’t worry, this is a rain or shine event and will available to you every week until the end of October! You can find just about anything you could want to: .

  • - nibble on – a wide array of international ethnic cuisine, artisan breads, fine baked goods, canned delicacies, local honey, local maple syrup, soft pretzels, kettle corn
  •  decorate with – canvas prints, flattened bottles, shabby chic furniture, hand-carved bowls and other kitchen items
  •  plant – flats of flowers, vegetable plants, hanging pots
  • occupy kids – doll clothes, hair wraps, models - AND SO MUCH MORE!

There’s more to check out each week than could be noted in an article. Chesterton’s European Market was ready for business Opening Day and it’s a great place to visit every Saturday during summertime. So come out to Chesterton to see what all the fuss – and fun – is about!

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