2014 Chesterton High School 5% Club

CHS-5-percent-club-01Chesterton High School hosted the 25th annual 5% Club Banquet for those 26 students in the top 5% of the senior class of 2014 at the Water Bird Inn and Spa this week. Each student in the top 5% selected an educator who has influenced or inspired them in their educational career to attend the banquet with them.

Pictured with their selected educator, top photo, seated front, left to right, Jennifer Cedarstaff, Joshua DeVries, Kristen Homme, Andrew Hurst, Jack Kurfman, Salman Lakhani, Jessica Lee, Corinne Leopold and Matthew Lutze. Back, Matt Gland, Vince Arizzi, Michael Whisler, Ted Woolever, David Owen, Chris Lowery, William Bailey, John Norris and Aki Tsugawa. Middle photo, Christopher Maatouk, Mikaela Meyer, Autumn Miller, Layla Mooradian, Benjamin Moy, Austin Norton, Matthew Petrovich, Jonah Pruitt and Claire Raffin. Back, John Sparks, Robert Kelly, Lisa Dyer, Douglas Uehling, Cris Petro, Kent Butler, Tom Schnabel, Jennifer Jendrzejczyk and Robert DeRuntz. Bottom photo, Andrew Ralph, Brandon Roeske, Matthew Rotundo, Corey Rusboldt, Erin Socha, Taryn Trusty, Malika Virk and Ethan Whitaker. Back, John Snyder, David Lashenik, Sam Marshall, Kim Stahura, Jack Neuliep, Carrie Edlen, Chris Hackett and Kevin Kinel.