#1StudentNWI: Whiting High School welcomes students back to school

#1StudentNWI: Whiting High School welcomes students back to school

What’s recently happened? 

The School City of Whiting began its 2022-2023 school year on August 11, and many students were extremely eager to meet their new teachers. 

Whiting High School (WHS) had a very busy first day of school, with many students from the National Honor Society (NHS) helping the freshman and sophomores find their classes as well as opening their lockers and making their first day as smooth as possible. 

This school year will be the first completely normal school year without any COVID-19 restrictions and mandates. This made many students and teachers feel at ease knowing that they could return to an environment of familiarity and comfort. 

The senior class of 2023 had its senior sunrise on the first day of school, inviting many students to come to Whihala Beach and celebrate their last first day of high school together. 

Many students participated in this event waking up early to meet up with their friends and peers and reminisce about their previous years of school as well as make new ones that morning. 

First-Year Principal Travis Anderson and Dean of Students Arthur Young welcomed students at the front entrance and guided them with any problems throughout the school day.

Both Anderson and Young hosted an assembly the following day and asked each grade to go to the auditorium to go over the school guidelines and encourage students to take this first completely normal year back to continue to stay on track with their graduation guidelines.  

Anderson and Young also encouraged them that they would ensure each student has all the necessary materials and resources they need to continue their education and be successful. 

Both individuals are doing everything they can to make WHS a safe and welcoming place for all students, as well as encouraging students and their families to continue to be involved in their child’s education. 

What’s coming up? 

The WHS football team prepares for its first game on August 19; many students and staff are excited to see the team begin its season. 

The team also has a new coaching staff, head coach Jason Jendreas, who has been coaching for the school for over five years and has moved his way up from middle school coach to varsity head coach. 

The new staff is excited and ready to guide the team throughout the season and hopes to have a great season. 

The team recently had some senior members and coaches interviewed at the annual Preseason Pigskin Party from the Region Sports Network. The team was asked about this upcoming season and how they expect the season to play out this fall. 

The team consists of 47 players, 12 of which are seniors this year., and our of which are the captains this year: Jeremiah Allard, Joseph Jendreas, Julius Torres, and Erick Vazquez. All have been exemplary role models for their teammates. 

Each captain was voted by their fellow teammates, who picked the seniors they believed would bring guidance, and direction and lead the pregame pep talks. 

Staff Spotlight: 

First-Year Teacher Daniel Moy teaches Precalculus, AP Calculus, and AP Statistics and is looking forward to guiding his students through the new school year and helping them feel more comfortable in school despite major changes that occurred over the summer. 

Moy student-taught at Munster High School and enjoyed the environment there as well as the students. 

Being his first full year of teaching as well as at WHS, Moy is eager to build a relationship with his students and be able to help them with anything they might need. 

Moy wishes for his students to have a great school year, and he hopes he can make the overall school day better for each student. 

Moy also felt the Oiler Pride of the school since being hired and felt welcomed by both veteran and new teachers like himself. 

“I was inspired by many of my high school teachers who were extremely passionate about their respective subjects and beloved students. I wanted to be able to reflect that same image,” Moy said 

Moy’s goals this year are to do his very best in helping his students succeed as well as improve their time management skills because of the higher and harder curriculum. 

“I’m looking forward to watching the growth of my students throughout the year, I know they can all do amazing things in the future,” Moy said.

Moy enjoys being surrounded by his close family, and experiencing new things with his close friends and the joy that they bring him. 

“Always persevere, and always ask questions; by being open and asking questions your teacher should always be willing to put forth their best effort to help you,” Moy said. 

The WHS Oilers welcome Moy and are excited to have him a part of the staff. 

Student Spotlight:

Senior Olivia Plemons is one of many students at WHS who attends the Hammond Area Career Center (ACC) for the nursing program. 

Plemons is involved in the local Girl Scouts troop and is in her last full year of the troop. Her goals are to learn as much as possible this year and be able to graduate with honors. 

“I’m looking most forward to senior prom and accomplishing my goal in graduation,” Plemons said. 

Being in the nursing program for ACC, she will be able to prepare for the Certified Nurses Aide Indiana State License, as well as doing a 90-hour clinical experience in an actual hospital in the spring. 

Being her last year at WHS, Plemons is appreciative of her teachers and friends who have helped her throughout her high school career. 

“Mrs. Nohemi Saavedra is a teacher who influenced me the most at Whiting, she makes her classroom fun to learn in and I feel like I learned a lot in her class,” Plemons said. 

Saavedra is one of two Spanish teachers at WHS. She teaches students about the language as well as cultures from many different Spanish-speaking countries. 

“The teachers are one of my favorite parts because each one of them individually shows how much they care for their students every day,” Plemons said. "They do everything in their power to give us a good education and experience. They go above and beyond to make us feel comfortable."