#1StudentNWI: Whiting High School prepares for prom for the first time since pre-pandemic

#1StudentNWI: Whiting High School prepares for prom for the first time since pre-pandemic

What’s recently happened? 

Whiting High School (WHS) band has been extremely busy playing in many events recently and showing off their skills in a multitude of different concerts. The WHS band played at The Chicago Wolves game on March 25, and then in the Whiting Easter parade on April 9. They played throughout the downtown Whiting area and were able to participate in the Easter activities. 

What’s coming up?

WHS prom is on May 14 and the junior class at WHS has been working hard to put the big event together. They are in the final countdown to their event and are getting ready for the dance in order to make it one to remember for the school’s junior and senior classes. Since their sophomore year, the class of 2023 has been fundraising in order to raise money for their prom and make the best prom since before the pandemic.  

The theme this year is the Roaring '20s. The class was able to have donations from the City of Whiting for students to write an essay for Safe Prom to educate students about drinking and driving, as well as for students to realize the importance of abiding by the law. The class sponsor and WHS Math Teacher Lizette Munoz hopes for a great outcome and is excited for the final product of the hard work her students have been putting in all year. 

Staff spotlight

In addition to teaching math, Munoz is also the party coordinator for the school’s upcoming prom.

“I am currently teaching Integrated II Math. I am also the class sponsor for the Class of 2023. Aside from my work related activities at WHS, I am in my first year of working towards my master’s degree in school counseling through the University of Missouri," Munoz said. 

Munoz’s main message is to always help the students at WHS overcome the fear of asking for help from teachers, as well as being able to advise her students to plan for their future.

Munoz believes that being of help to students, even when they are facing difficulties outside of the classroom, can motivate them to push themselves and overcome the obstacles they may be facing. 

“Always try your best and do not be afraid of asking for help. You are capable of so much more than you think you can do, but you will not know unless you try. There are so many people and resources available to help, all you need to do is ask," Munoz said.

Munoz' students see her as extremely trustworthy and a great mentor. Being in her third year of teaching at WHS, she chose the school because of the community. Growing up in Whiting, Munoz felt she should give back to the community that made her into the person she is today. 

“As I planned for college, I knew I wouldn’t teach my entire life, as I would want to help students in a greater capacity. That's why I am working towards my master’s in school counseling so that I can help students prepare for life after high school” Munoz said.

Munoz has prioritized her education her whole life, and she knew at the age of five she wanted to be a teacher and help as many people as she could in her career.  

Student spotlight

WHS Senior Aileen Covarrubias is in her final months at WHS and is hoping to make the best of it. Covarrubias participated in school sports, as well as club volleyball, and a private local youth group. 

“It has really helped me grow as a person, teaching me how to work and communicate with others efficiently,” Covarrubias said. 

Attending the health services program at the Hammond Area Career Center (ACC), Covarrubias plans to pursue a degree within the medical field when she attends Valparaiso University in the fall of next year.

“I began working towards a goal in my medical courses at ACC because I knew if I continued to work hard, I would be even more prepared for college and do well in my classes next year," Covarrubias said.

With the school year ending in late May, Covarrubias feels ecstatic for the next adventures and the anticipation of graduation. She has high outlooks for next year. 

Covarrubias explained her favorite moments at WHS was during her sophomore year when her friends attended the sectional pep rally at the school and then spent the day together making memories.

"Despite it being a small memory, it is something that I truly won’t forget and I have so many small memories like this that have a great impact on my life," said Covarrubias. 

Covarrubias added her experience through the pandemic and how, despite feeling discouraged at times, she was able to persevere above the difficult times.

“Even through the pandemic and having to remote learn, I managed to still learn in those difficult times and maintained my grades to stay on track for graduation," said Covarrubias.

She gave advice to her fellow peers about never giving up and to always try your best because it can pay off in the long run even if it may seem extremely difficult and overwhelming. 

“I am so excited to continue my education at Valparaiso University as a nursing major. The future may seem to be a scary thing, but I feel more than prepared to take it on based on my education here at WHS and the amazing friendships I was able to make along the way," said Covarrubias.