#1StudentNWI: Whiting High School National Honors Society hosts annual winter blood drive

#1StudentNWI: Whiting High School National Honors Society hosts annual winter blood drive

What’s recently happened? 

Whiting High School (WHS) hosted its annual winter blood drive sponsored by the National Honors Society (NHS). Science teacher and club sponsor Kelly Morando directed the students to ensure the event flowed smoothly. 

WHS students had the opportunity to donate blood by signing up during their lunch periods. Members of the NHS asked students to donate to help people in need. 

The American Red Cross set up its equipment at the beginning of the school day at the Whiting Middle School gymnasium, allowing students to come throughout the day to donate. NHS members also helped set up tables and chairs for donors when they entered. 

The blood drive was also open to the public, and many local community members, as well as members of surrounding areas, came out to donate. 

NHS co-presidents Brianna Atteberry and Emily Greer led the event by checking students and the public in and helping the other members throughout the day. 

NHS members helped by providing snacks when needed as well as checking in donors. 

This is the second blood drive the NHS has hosted this year. The American Red Cross gives back to NHS members by awarding a scholarship during the spring of the school year to one of its members. 

The NHS was very grateful to be a part of this event and promote community members to donate and help people in need. 

What’s coming up? 

WHS is preparing for the Winter Formal on February 18. The sophomore class is curating this dance for the school and has been working closely with the Booster Club for the theme and spirit days. 

This year's dance is Valentine’s Day themed and will feature beautiful decorations made by the sophomore class. 

The sophomore class officers began organizing this event before the winter break in December to ensure all details are perfect. Tickets will be available a week before the dance, allowing students to prepare to buy them. 

The spirit week themes are also being decided and voted on by the sophomore class and will all be related to the theme of the dance. 

Class Officer Isabella Vega designed the tickets herself and ensured all aspects leading up to the dance would be following the theme and color scheme. 

Many students are excited for the dance and pep rally. The WHS cheerleaders will perform its annual dance for winter formal and have been working very hard to perfect it. 

Senior and Captain Emily Greer talked about the team and how they have prepared.

“We all have been working hard for this pep rally, and we’re really excited that we can show the school all the stunts we have planned." 

Staff spotlight: 

History Teacher Nicholas Sanfratello is in his first year of teaching at WHS, and has participated in many aspects to truly connect with the students. 

He is very gracious of the opportunity to teach at WHS for his first full school year. 

Sanfratello is known as “Mr. S” amongst his students and is the club sponsor of the Booster Club. He works with members of the club to think of themes for home games as well as help with homecoming and sectionals for basketball season. 

Sanfratello graduated from Indiana University and wanted to be an educator based on his favorite teachers he had in school. 

“I had amazing teachers growing up, and I took what they taught in the classroom as well as how they directed it and applied it to my own classroom,” Sanfratello said. 

Sanfratello appreciates the relationships he has been able to build with his students this school year.

"With these kids I’m still doing my job, but I can laugh with them and have the emotional aspect of watching them succeed. I teach freshmen, and in four years when I can see them walk across the stage with that diploma, it's a beautiful thing to see I was a small part of that,”  Sanfratello said. 

Sanfratello advises his students in and out of the classroom to continue to gain knowledge.

“People can teach you about life well because they have truly experienced it, and I think that people must continue to learn everyday,”  Sanfratello said. 

Outside of the classroom Sanfratello enjoys spending time with family and friends and tries to cherish every moment he can with his students and loved ones. 

Student spotlight: 

Senior Jeremiah Allard is a three-sport athlete, member of NHS, and a friendly face to many at WHS. 

Allard is also a member of the Leadership Council, which consists of student athletes selected by their coaches for education on how to continue to be a role model for teammates and WHS overall. 

Allard participates in school events as much as possible.

“I think it’s important to be involved within high school or college; it gives you the opportunity to meet new people and maybe find a hobby that really clicks with you,” Allard said. 

Allard was captain of the football team and worked with his fellow teammates and captains to help the team as much as possible and be there for them when it was needed. 

“I’m really going to miss the pre-game time with my friends and teammates. Even if I was having a bad day, just getting hyped with them always changed my mood instantly,” Allard said. 

Allard plans on majoring in cybersecurity, and minoring in criminal justice in college. He is preparing for the future currently by narrowing down his college decision options. 

Allard also worked for the City of Whiting over the summer at the Oil City Stadium ensuring the field was clean and helped customers when needed. 

He also helped ensure Whihala Beach was clean for the public, and helped citizens during public events such as the Fourth of July and Pierogi Festival.