#1StudentNWI: Whiting High School is getting ready for the next stop, graduation!

#1StudentNWI: Whiting High School is getting ready for the next stop, graduation!

What’s recently happened? 

The Whiting High School (WHS) senior class recently attended Six Flags “Grad Nite” which is an event only open to high school senior classes to attend after their prom. 

WHS had almost the entire senior class going on this senior trip, and was able to ride all the rides they wanted as well as play any carnival games they wanted. 

The park was closed off to the public and all the students were able to ride with their friends and not worry about extremely long lines. 

This would be the senior classes last big event for the year, and now they are preparing for the last day of school on the 24th and graduation on the 28th. 

The senior classes’ sponsor, Lizette Munoz, worked extremely hard to put together this event and ensure all students were able to attend. The senior class thanks her for all the hard work she put in this year, and the four years with her class. 

 What’s coming up? 

The last day of school for WHS is Wednesday, May 24. Students will be taking their finals from the 22nd to the 24th to finish up all their classes and enjoy the day. 

The senior class will be taking their last final in the morning, heading straight off to graduation practice, walking around the elementary schools, and from there, will attend their senior picnic at the football field. 

WHS’s senior picnic will consist of catering from Chick-fil-A, field day games, and the crowning of all senior superlatives to be put in the yearbook in the fall. 

With it being the last day of school, all other classes at WHS will still continue as normal and students will be able to have a fun day with their peers before summer. 

Staff spotlight: 

Kassie Brizuela teaches the AP Literature and Composition and English at WHS. Brizuela has worked at WHS for nine years and this was her first teaching position out of college. 

“I’ve always loved the families and students here at Whiting, and extremely supportive parents as well as well mannered students. I’ve gotten many opportunities for my own career here while being able to teach such wonderful ready to learn students.” Brizuela said. 

One of Brizuelas’s favorite parts of being a teacher is building relationships with her students. She adores them and puts in all her effort to see her students succeed. 

“I had different majors before deciding on teaching, but I took an intro to English education class and I had the opportunity to guest teach sixth graders,” Brizuela said.

Brizuela was able to have the students put together their own story using a lesson she had planned.

“I knew right away that this is what I wanted to do for a career,” Brizuela said. 

One of Brizuelas favorite parts of being a teacher is having complete creative control over what she decides to do everyday. 

“I get to design basically every strategy, creative tasks, projects and just ultimately the end goal for each student, which is super fun,” Brizuela said.

Teaching was not the first major she wanted to pursue, she originally wanted to work with teens in psychology. 

“With teaching it’s a mix, I can help my students with anything they may need, and I can do that and give them the creativity they need,” Brizuela said. 

With her wise words, many students trust Brizuela to guide them when they may need it and look to her as a mentor.

“I tell my students that life is a game and you have to play it well, so you need to be strategic and if there are things you want in life, go in with a plan, it will really help you later,” Brizuela said.

Student spotlight: 

Luke Zorich is salutatorian of the senior class and is excited for the next chapter after this school year. He has worked extremely hard the last four years and both his friends and family stand around him feeling proud. 

Zorich was involved in football, basketball, baseball, National Honors Society, booster club, and Whiting Oilers Leadership Council in his time at WHS. 

“My favorite memory at WHS is home football games. There’s nothing better than playing under the lights on Friday nights and seeing all my friends coming out to support me and my friends,” Zorich said. 

Zorich has been at WHS since freshman year, and is one of the most hardworking and dedicated students as described by his teachers. 

“I would say that you only get out of school what you put into it. If you go to school everyday with a positive mindset ready to learn, you will get something out of it. Also, savor every moment with your friends because it flies by,” Zorich said. 

Like many other seniors, Zorich has been looking forward to this moment all year, and now that it's so close, Zorich is excited to have the summer off and getting ready for college in the fall. 

He will be studying kinesiology on a pre-med track at Purdue University to be able to assist athletes in the future and stay close to the sports he's always participated in growing up.