#1StudentNWI: Whiting High School brings fall sports to a close for the regular season

#1StudentNWI: Whiting High School brings fall sports to a close for the regular season

What’s recently happened? 

Whiting High School (WHS) celebrated its seniors for fall sports at the senior night football game on October 7. There were over 20 seniors highlighted that night. Every fall sport athlete and the WHS marching band members were able to walk with their families and receive a gift basket courtesy of the fellow members of their activity. 

During half-time, all the seniors lined up and walked down the field while Athletic Director Cecelia Bendinelli announced their future plans, advice to underclassmen, and favorite memories throughout their years at WHS. 

Bendinelli also gave each senior a white carnation courtesy of WHS. 

What’s coming up?

WHS ended the first quarter of the school year on Friday, October 14, and prepares for its fall break October 20-24. 

Students are excited to have a short break for all their hard work in the first quarter of the school year. On Thursday, October 20, WHS will also hold parent-teacher conferences so parents can meet with their child’s teachers and get to know them. 

Many teachers look forward to this event because it allows them to connect with their students and work with their families. 

Staff spotlight: 

Social Studies Teacher Nick Belyayev is in his second year of teaching at WHS, teaching a wide range of classes from Indiana History to AP Government and Macroeconomics. 

“Overall, my mom made me want to become a teacher. From childhood, she saw that I was really good with children and always put in the back of my mind that teaching was something for me,” Belyayev said. 

Belyayev is a well known and liked teacher at WHS. Many students feel that he educates and advises them on very broad concepts and subjects. 

“Growing up, the teachers I had inspired me to be that teacher I always wanted to have,” Belyayev said.

Belyayev said that he wasn’t sure what he truly wanted to do in the future throughout high school. Despite this, he was encouraged by his mentors and family to pursue something that complemented his own moral values. 

“I love interacting with my students and getting the opportunity to know all of them, the funny moments, how authentic and genuine they all are. I appreciate seeing them everyday; it means so much,” Belyayev said. 

Belyayev’s favorite memory has been the homecoming pep rally and being able to play volleyball with fellow teachers. 

“Last year it was a great matchup against the seniors and the teachers, and I was a part of that team. The teachers lost, but I will never forget the experience,” Belyayev said. 

Belyayev gives advice to his students everyday in class and provides a weekly quote for students to ponder.

“Enjoy life as it comes, live in the moment. I was once a senior in high school, and part of me feels like that was 50 years ago, but another part of me feels like it was just yesterday,” Belyayev said. 

Belyayev believes it will help students further down the line.

“Life keeps moving, experiences do not. You are there once, and that’s it, so it is important to enjoy life as it comes. Don't dwell on the negative and appreciate the little things. It will help you reevaluate life and keep you going during uncertain times,” Belyayev said.

Student spotlight:

Junior Torie Davis is one of many student-athletes at WHS. Playing three sports a year, Davis always has a packed schedule. 

“I am a part of the National Honor Society (NHS), volleyball, tennis, and Academic Team,” Davis said. 

Her favorite memories from high school also center around homecoming.

“My favorite memory at WHS has been the homecoming pep rally. It's a good experience to have in high school and with your peers. It's the perfect end to all of the homecoming week,” Davis said. 

Davis also attends the Hammond Area Career Center (ACC) for cosmetology. She appreciates the opportunity to explore a possible future career at ACC while still being able to go to school and be involved with all her peers. 

“As a student athlete, I learned to multitask and be able to keep up with all my school work as well as still participate in extracurricular activities, I have a good balance,” Davis said.

Davis advises her peers to take chances and to take advantage of every opportunity given to them.

“Take the chances you are given. You're always going to learn something and explore opportunities you may have never thought you would,” Davis said. 

Davis believes in cherishing the little things and is excited for her last two years of high school. She is prepared for her future and for the true image of being an Oiler.