#1StudentNWI: Westville Celebrates Veterans and Anticipates Thanksgiving

#1StudentNWI: Westville Celebrates Veterans and Anticipates Thanksgiving

What’s Recently Happened?

With the school year finally underway, students and staff have finally gotten comfortable with the routine. Recently, students and parents sat down with teachers for parent teacher conference night. The night was helpful for parents, especially if they have any questions or concerns regarding their student. It was a great night for parents to chat with the teachers.

As the first quarter of the year just ended, students now only have three quarters left to go until the end of another school year. Most recently, Westville celebrated Veterans at their Veterans Day program, honoring those past and present for serving our country. All students, grades K-12, experienced and participated in the program.

A wonderful presentation was put on by the Westville High School Choir and also featured the school’s band and Advanced Choir. Throughout the program, Girl Scouts presented the American flag and led the Pledge of Allegiance following a speech by principal Alissa Schnick. To top off the program, the choir sang every Armed Service song and the National Anthem. Overall, this program was enjoyed by students, staff, and veterans.

What’s Coming Up?

It’s that time of the year again where fall is almost to an end, and colder weather is around the corner as well as one more fall festivity. The holiday everyone has been getting their bellies ready for is almost here! The turkey, mashed potatoes, and desserts can all be found on the table on Thursday, November 22nd for Thanksgiving! To celebrate and spend time with family and friends, students and staff at Westville High School will have a Thanksgiving break from November 21st to November 25th.

As far as sports go, the Lady Blackhawks basketball team have recently started up their games, bounded for a great season ahead.

Student Spotlight

One of the “brightest stars” at Westville High School is Jessica Griffin. This school year is Jessica’s senior year, to which she is just as excited as she is sad. Jessica plans on attending college upon graduating, and is thinking about a career in the math or english field. This year, Jessica was elected by the her grade class as the senior class president. In addition, she also takes the role of president in Student Council and National Honor Society. Participating in many clubs, Jessica is involved in Book Club, Breakfast Club, Quiz Bowl, National Honor Society, Student Council, Leo Club, and Battle of the Books all at Westville High School. Reaching the top of her class, Jessica even received A-Honor Roll and Highest Academic Achiever of her grade last school year. Although Westville High School will miss Jessica in its halls next year, she is bound to do great things in college and reach even more amazing accomplishments in her future.

Teacher Spotlight

There’s a big difference between a good teacher and a great teacher. Teaching in a style that students are able to understand, dedicating hard work and time to your profession, and also just being friendly and approachable are the characteristics of Spanish teacher Mr. Señor Gerolium. Señor Gerolium has taught for a total of 25 years at many different schools; this is his 13th year at Westville.

Throughout his teaching career, Mr. Gerolium he taught 10 years at Michigan City High School and 1 year at Rushville and Oregon Davis. Before his teaching career, Señor Gerolium attended college for 6 years to receive a degree in Spanish Education and a minor in Physical Education. An interesting fact that most students don’t know about Mr. Gerolium is that he taught PE and Spanish both for one year at Rushville, but realized that PE was not for him and focused to pursue only teaching Spanish.

Señor Gerolium knew that teaching Spanish was the career path for him because he had always liked Spanish in high school and was good at it too. He had known that after graduating he wanted to be a teacher. This year, Mr. Gerolium started a Spanish Club to which many students have been excited to join and be a part of. The interactive club is where students speak primarily in Spanish and partake in Spanish related art and culture projects. Mr. Gerolium said that he has always been asked to start a Spanish club, and finally agreed to do so as a teacher sponsor for the club.

Some of Señor’s favorite hobbies outside of teaching include playing golf and darts, as well as watching sports such as college football and golf. Overall, Mr. Gerolium is a great teacher here at Westville High School and is appreciated by many students.