#1StudentNWI: US Government draws the attention at Hammond High School

#1StudentNWI: US Government draws the attention at Hammond High School

What's recently happened?

This year, the Hammond Morton senior class of dual credit government has decided to take its objective outdoors. The class decided to create illustrations relating to each amendment of the constitution.

The canvas selected was at the front of the school, so viewers could analyze each drawing as they walked past. This particular spot informs people of all age groups their rights to the United States. The class' supervisor, Mr. Swisher, has given a worldspread of colors to open the imaginative side of all the students. The childlike style brings back memories of being with blue sky and bright sun. Coming outside gave students the comfortability to be closer to childhood memories as well.

The entire Class of 2023 appreciated every moment of presenting one another's artistic value.

What's coming up?

The Hammond Academy for Performing Arts (HAPA) has decided to create a performance relating to “Dancing with the Stars”, on Thursday, September 29 in Morton’s Auditorium. The event begins at 7 p.m. and ends roughly around 9 p.m. From the outfits down to the music, it'll feel like you're in the actual audience of the TV show.

There will also be a competition between five groups, two from Morton and three from Hammond Central. Before it begins you can submit a vote on who you believe will win. All five groups will compete against each other at the best of their abilities.

Everyone is more than welcome to attend the performance. If you are a current student at the school the cost of attendance is just $5, and adults will be $10.

Some teachers from the HAPA section will deem each student extra credit points in their class if they do decide to come support. Together, the entire team has pushed their brains together to add twists and turns to catch the attention of viewers.

Student spotlight

Beautiful Senior Tytiaona Dixon is a part of the dance academy here at Morton High School.

Dixon has a deep understanding for the meaning of dance. She is truly dedicated to every piece she has performed or created and is striving to extend her knowledge even further by attending Coppin State University, specifically majoring in dance. Her dedication, time, and effort is displayed every time she gets onto the stage.

Dixon also rehearses at home where she takes the time to practice each piece needed. With double the practice, Tytiaona is prepared to show us what she's made of.

“I like to have a free will throughout every step used to choreograph. I enjoy the audiences’ presence with the flashing lights and cameras. It's a better way of making myself known instead of being compared to other people. Truly, dance is an art to relieve stress and challenge yourself,” Dixon explained.

Dance assembly has opened the eyes of one's physical structure since you must balance your mind, body, and soul since it creates consistent flows. You want to stretch your limbs everyday as well since you always want to maintain a consistent blood flow.

"My favorite part of dance class is warming up. It feels like you're preparing for what the rest of the day is throwing at you. Every stretch has done justice for my body and has allowed me to communicate and gain new connections with the people around me," said Dixon.

The program is filled with experienced leaders. There's a lot of detail that goes into creating performance for the entire school. Coming up with a piece takes time and absolute consideration of all additional thoughts coming from the entire team.

Staff spotlight

Outstanding teacher of 13 years, Ms. DT, is the choreographer behind the performance. She strives for all of her stars to be successful. DT loves to watch her students get on stage and show her what they got. She enjoys watching her students work hard for the goals they established for themselves.

“Dancing with the stars is a HAPA Dance Department fundraiser, so we thought that what they do on television would be good for our school. In the past we’ve done it with teachers, middle school students, elementary students, and community people. Basically the show inspired us and then we thought it would be a good fundraiser, but in our version the audience picks the winner," DT explained.

DT sees all of her students in the bright light. Her purpose is to uplift the spirit of dance and to create a comfortable environment that she and her students can connect to. With a beautiful smile, she has the power to enlighten the entire committee with positivity.

"My favorite part of choreographing is doing new things that appeal to different types of audiences. I like to do things that appeal to little ones, older adults, high schoolers, and even miscellaneous age people. This show is not our typical spring dance concert where we dive deeper into some material, whether it's sad or happy. This is just a fun show that everybody can enjoy and chill out to," said DT.

DT is looking forward to seeing all of her students put their best efforts forward competing against each other. It shows her their determination, confidence, and precision. The most exciting part is being able to see who wins first place; however, DT believes that all of her stars deserve a gold medal.vWinner or not all of her students are placed first in her heart.