#1StudentNWI: Turnabout at East Chicago High School

#1StudentNWI: Turnabout at East Chicago High School

Returning back to school after winter break for the EC Central students means getting back into the swing of things. The second semester is important, for it determines your final GPA of the school year. Though returning to school may bring feelings of anxiety, frustration, and dreariness, EC Central’s class of 2016 plans to make the school year a bit more tolerable with news they announced a few months ago.

EC Central’s class of 2016 announced the return of Turnabout at a pep rally in early November. The announcement sent everyone in the crowd into a state of excitement. This is the first time in two years EC Central is having a Turnabout dance so, when it was announced, everyone just knew they’d attend.

Turnabout, also called the Sadie Hawkins Dance, is a formal dance sponsored by a high school, middle school or college, in which the female students invite the male students. This is contrary to the tradition of male students inviting females to school dances. Though, it could be the traditional, boy-ask-girl, girls are jumping at the opportunity to come up with cute ways to ask their crushes and boyfriends to the dance.

Turnabout’s theme this year is masquerade. The girls are so excited to get all dressed up in their pretty gowns and sparkly masks while the boys are excited to show up and show out in their best attire.

The Idea of Turnabout
“Having turnabout hadn’t even been something we were considering to do, but a lot of people wanted to have some sort of dance. Then we remembered that Central hadn’t had a turnabout dance in about two years. So, we finally decided it’d be a good idea to have one this year,” Robinson stated.

Though the seniors knew they wanted to have a turnabout dance, they had no idea what they wanted the theme to be. At a class meeting, the seniors started to throw out random ideas for the dance.

“Maybe we should have something with masks to make it seem mysterious,” someone suggested.

After that, the seniors took this into consideration and started to brainstorm themes with masks, and that’s how they came up with a masquerade theme.

Once they had the theme, the seniors came to the realization that they had to hurriedly start the decoration process. Since masks are one of the main components of a masquerade themed anything, the seniors knew they had to incorporate them in the decorations. The decorations also included lots of balloons and glitter.

At Turnabout
At the dance, from an attendee's perspective, it was evident everyone enjoyed themselves. People were socializing and dancing to the music that was played at the dance.

“The DJ played multiple types of music like rap, pop, and even Latin music. I feel by him doing that, everyone who attended got amused and wanted to dance at some point,” a student stated.

The senior president also thought it’d be a good idea to include a fashion show for the students. The fashion show rewarded four winners: Best Dressed Female Senior, Best Dressed Male Senior, Best Dressed Female Underclassman, and Best Dressed Male Underclassman.

Student in the Spotlight
Jaylan Robinson, an EC Central senior, is the mastermind of the dance. He is also president of the senior class and consistently works hard to earn money towards his class. The senior class has held many successful fundraisers so they could have a great prom this upcoming April, such as selling donuts, selling sodas, selling turnabout tickets, and pictures that would be taken at the dance. The senior class had a goal to sell about 200 turnabout tickets and they reached that goal within a few weeks.

Along with being the senior class president, Jaylan Robinson is also the editor-in-chief in Journalism, a class he’s taking at EC Central. He works hard to edit and set up the layout for the Cardinal Perspective, EC Central’s school newspaper. Along with being EC Central’s editor-in-chief, Jaylan also plays on the baseball team.

What’s Coming Up
Next week, January 29th, EC Central is having a student vs. staff basketball game. The basketball game will take place in EC Central’s gymnasium during the last two periods of the school day. Central has had a student vs. staff basketball game annually since 2009.