#1StudentNWI: The Lowell Red Devils hit the ground running for the second semester

#1StudentNWI: The Lowell Red Devils hit the ground running for the second semester

What’s recently happened?

Lowell High School (LHS) held its second annual elective fair on January 6 to kick off the scheduling process for the 2023-2024 school year. 

This event took place the day after the students returned from winter break and lasted the whole morning. It began with a counselor detailing all of the graduating requirements as well as what each student should have completed at the end of each year at LHS. Along with this, many teachers set up tables throughout the school with the help of students currently in their classes and provided information about their class alongside a helpful handout. 

A couple of people outside of the school community also came out to detail some opportunities. More specifically, an Ivy Tech College representative was present to speak with the students about dual credit courses and how they might graduate high school with their first year of college completed. 

Additionally, somebody was present to speak about the new cosmetology program being offered to students. This allowed people to start the process of getting their cosmetology license while at LHS. 

This fair is meant to make students aware of all the class options available to them and much more. It also lets students learn information about classes they are interested in and ensures that they make informed scheduling decisions. 

“I enjoy the elective fair because I think that it is a very beneficial event that has made it easier for me to choose my classes and know all of my options as well as what specifically I am signing up for,” said Zoe Terry, a sophomore at LHS. 

Along with the fair, counselors were available in the LHS Media Center for two weeks to answer any questions about future classes. 

LHS takes the scheduling process very seriously, which is why they always provide many resources to students. 

What’s coming up?

The LHS student body is gearing up for its Winter Formal, also known as Turnabout, that is happening on February 11. This year’s theme, chosen by the LHS student council, is “Flashy Nights and Neon Lights." 

This dance differs from some of the most recent dances because it will be held in the cafeteria as opposed to the field house, the first time since the pandemic. As always, there will be lively decorations corresponding to the theme and concessions which will be selling water and other snacks and beverages. 

The cost of the tickets for this dance is $20, and students are encouraged, but not required, to wear neon attire to match the theme. 

There will also be a DJ to play music throughout the event, which the students heavily enjoy. 

All of these small details are what make LHS’s school dances memorable for the students, and it is all thanks to the Student Council teacher representatives and cabinet members that carefully plan every detail of the dances. 

Staff spotlight:

Kristin Camery has been a teacher for 15 years and is currently teaching Algebra I at LHS.

Camery grew up in Crown Point, Indiana and graduated from Crown Point High School, and she received her higher education at Indiana University. Camery always wanted to be a teacher but said that she sometimes wavered between pursuing teaching or architecture. That said, by the time she entered high school, she knew that she was meant to be a teacher. 

Camery has received many awards from her students throughout her time as a teacher and has won various conference titles and first-place trophies in her coaching career. She also heavily enjoys writing math curriculum for a publishing company. While she feels pride over all of those achievements, her greatest accomplishment as a math teacher is watching her students gain confidence in the subject. 

“I would have to say my greatest accomplishment as a teacher, a math teacher, is giving my students confidence in math: the confidence they can feel successful in math and the confidence they can comprehend what they are doing. Even if it is just the littlest amount of confidence, they are better than the day they walked into my classroom,” said Camery. 

She feels that teaching is so much more than just providing the necessary math content to the students. Camery thinks the most rewarding part of being a teacher is watching as her students flourish into the people they’re meant to be. 

“I feel privileged to be able to watch students grow into young adults, grow in their confidence, learn who they are as a person and become comfortable and proud of who they are, make mistakes and learn from them, and open their eyes to new ideas. It will never just be about math for me,” said Camery. 

She believes that the best thing about the LHS community is the students. She thinks that, oftentimes, adults outside of public education judge them without knowing how talented and driven they are. 

“Every year brings a new and interesting group. So many kids I’ve had in my career are out there changing the world. I wish everyone could see that,” said Camery.

Student spotlight:

Delilah Marban is a sophomore at LHS who is very involved in the school community. She is on the Honor Roll with Superior Honors while also being a first-year peer mentor, in Varsity Tennis, and a part of the Student Council, the Red Devil Page Turners, and the Diversity Club.

Marban believes that she has learned a multitude of things from all of the clubs and activities she is involved in. Specifically, as a peer mentor, she said being able to guide freshmen and build relationships with them not only is a rewarding feeling but also has helped her understand herself better. 

Marban dedicates much of her time to extracurricular activities because she enjoys serving and helping her community. She takes great pride in being a straight-A student and in all the clubs she is a part of. While school plays a very large role in her life, she is also a very family-oriented person. 

“I come from a large family, and gatherings are extremely important to us. We celebrate and enjoy the company of each other, we value and offer support and security coupled with unconditional love all around,” said Marban. 

In the future, she plans to attend medical school in either Wisconsin or Illinois and major in biology. She hopes to study human anatomy and genetics in a laboratory as a medical examiner. 

“I began taking my first medical-based class in eighth grade, not considering potentially studying medicine at the time. After that school year, I grew to love biology and learned about the interests I can see myself pursuing long-term. I am continuing to take medical courses here at LHS and truly enjoy learning about medical-based biology,” said Marban. 

The goal she is working towards after college is to move to the city to pursue her dream career. Marban can’t wait for what the future holds and is excited to see where her studies take her.