#1StudentNWI: The Lowell Red Devils are ready for the holidays

#1StudentNWI: The Lowell Red Devils are ready for the holidays

What's recently happened?

On December 3, the Lowell Chamber of Commerce held its annual Winterfest. The first part of the day’s festivities included a Breakfast with Santa at Lowell Middle School (LMS) sponsored by Lowell Tri Kappa, where many Lowell High School (LHS) students volunteered. 

At LMS, breakfast was served along with many fun activities that children could participate in. These included things like cookie frosting, hand painting, games, and more. During this time, there was also a 5K Christmas Fun Run that was taking place in town. 

Next, families were encouraged to travel back to downtown Lowell where even more events were planned. There was a schedule put out so that each family could attend the event that they desired. To help ensure the night ran smoothly, many LHS and LMS students volunteered for this portion of the Winterfest. Most of the businesses downtown sponsored an event to help make a day full of fun for children and families. 

The town was decorated with Christmas lights, and many charming stations were set up for everyone to take pictures, like a human-sized snow globe and horse and carriage rides. There was also a variety of craft opportunities for the kids of Lowell to enjoy and an opportunity to adopt a penguin. Not only this, but Santa, Buddy the Elf, and the Grinch all made an appearance. 

The night concluded with the Lowell Parade of Lights and Tree Lighting at Legion Park. This was a beautiful sight to see and a fun way to kick off the holiday season. 

What’s coming up?

LHS is gearing up for the end of semester one of the 2022-2023 school year. This is a bittersweet feeling for the students because, as they prepare for their two-week break, it's also finals week. 

The end of the first semester is a very important time for students. The grade received at the end of this second quarter is what averages out with the first quarter for the overall semester grade that will go on transcripts. 

While it can be a stressful end of the semester, many of the students at LHS are also overjoyed for their winter break running from December 21 through January 4. 

Students can officially find their report cards on Skyward on January 13. 

Additionally, with the change in seasons, many of the fall sports have ended or are ending, meaning the winter sports are back. LHS students are eager to continue their season in sports like softball, tennis, swimming and diving, basketball, gymnastics, and more.   

Staff Spotlight

Debera Hinchy is the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Business Teacher at LHS and is a great addition to the school. Her vast experience and knowledge are what make her such an asset and why students learn so much in her classes.

Hinchy was born in southern Indiana but raised in Griffith. She was fortunate enough to have attended and graduated from both Purdue University Northwest and the University of Notre Dame. 

After college, much of her career was in the business world. However, she later learned about her great love of teaching. 

“For much of my career, I worked in the business world and taught as an adjunct professor at Purdue Northwest, where I discovered I loved teaching. It was a source of joy. When my husband retired early, it seemed like a perfect time to transition into my ‘third act’ of being a full-time secondary teacher, which I love,” said Hinchy.

One of her greatest accomplishments is being able to work with students and see them overcome obstacles and have breakthroughs. She was also named the leader of her past employer's largest metal processing facility in North America out of 50 plants. She considers herself honored, having been the first woman to have that position. Hinchy is also a recipient of Purdue Northwest’s Distinguished Alumni Award, which she takes great pride in.

While Hinchy is incredibly appreciative of her past accomplishments, she also loves being a teacher. 

“My favorite part of being a teacher is being present and able to facilitate when students learn something new. I love establishing and building rapport and learning relationships,” said Hinchy.

Hinchy is someone who makes her classroom a positive environment and truly teaches students what it’s like in the business world. She is more than qualified, and this makes a difference in how receptive her students are. 

Hinchy’s adoration for LHS and the students is what makes her such a grand teacher. 

“The students and people who work at Lowell High School are amazing human beings. I learn new things from them every day, and I hope, in some small way, that I make a positive impact and difference in their lives,” said Hinchy.

Student Spotlight

Anna Doffin is a senior at LHS who sets a great example for the underclassmen. She participates in many extracurriculars and serves as a great role model and student. 

Doffin is a third-year peer mentor, secretary of the Culture and Diversity Club, a second-year Premier Choir student, and a cross country runner. She is incredibly involved in school, but she also does a vast amount of things outside of school, like ballet. 

“I love to perform in Indiana Youth Ballet’s performances, ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Nutcracker.’ I have done ballet for around ten years, and it has been a huge part of my life,” said Doffin.

Not only does she do ballet, but Doffin has also had a part-time job for over a year and loves to read in her free time. Doffin is a successful student that has a bright future ahead. 

She says that while her time at LHS has had its ups and downs, it's been a very positive high school experience. After she graduates, Doffin plans to attend college and earn a degree in psychology with a minor in business. She hopes that she will be able to help people better themselves as a psychologist. 

Being a senior, Doffin has more experience in high school and can offer a variety of advice for underclassmen students. 

“Even when things seem impossible, you can do anything you put your mind to. I know that’s a saying everyone’s heard before, but it is true and something that’s resonated with me this past year,” said Doffin.