#1StudentNWI: Students Ready for a New Year at Hammond High School

#1StudentNWI: Students Ready for a New Year at Hammond High School

What’s Happening
Winter recess has come to an end and now classes are in session. The first day back in the hallways really felt like a “new year's revolution”, HHS had a pretty makeover during the break. The trophy cases have came out to be displayed, there are works from a very famous alumni along the walls and the atmosphere has had a new cleanse.

HHS has really stepped up the game to show the pride that runs through the wildcat nation, the wildcats have come out to roar loud and proud.

Teacher Spotlight
There’s something special that comes out of a student who was taught by an outstanding teacher, a teacher who is able to connect with so many students and shine up the hallways with cheer and dedication.

Now a teacher like that has blessed HHS, Ms. Randick. She is in the math department but most likely one of the coolest math teachers, she has even made a rap of formulas for her students to remember! The way she feels about HHS couldn’t get any better with students now knowing that they are just as important to Ms.Randick as she is to HHS.

She gave a great response: “Teaching is one of the few professions in which you can see an immediate impact you have through what you do. I have been teaching at HHS for the last three years and I cannot express how much I appreciate the intrapersonal relationships I have made with my students as well as my colleagues. I feel as if every day I have a new opportunity to help my students find confidence in not only their math work but themselves as well," said Randick.

"I also enjoy learning the quirks and new pop culture and language from my students and I thoroughly enjoy getting to perform my math songs and raps for them," said Randick. "Another unique aspect of teaching at HHS is the rich integration of instructional technology in the classrooms. This integration has opened so many doors for my students and has allowed me to continuously support them through all sorts of media in and out of school. The opportunities presented to our students at HHS are undeniably unique and I could not ask to be a part of a more communal environment."

Student Spotlight
The spotlight this month will shine on Terian Garner, a senior who attends HHS. He has been involved with numerous activities and classes at the school, such as football, wrestling, yearbook. A very diverse student that has a friendly personality and that does not go unnoticed in the hallways, known by many students and teachers. Garner has seen the drastic changes that HHS has gone through, from a student's respective.

Garner speaks, ”Positively speaking I see Hammond High pushing for success. Over my last few years at Hammond High, I have witnessed drastic changes. The main change I have seen is effort."

"Everyday you will our school administrators and officers walking up and down hallways and in and out of classrooms to ensure our safety, and that we're using our time wisely. Hammond High is putting a strong emphasis to make sure students try, and succeed," says Garner. "The student's mentality is changing from lazy to pursue further in education, and this is because all the positivity and spirit flowing this year.”

The way a school changes mostly goes noticed only from the statistics it brings to the table but it never has been heard from an individual that wakes up 5 times a week and spends many hours even after school being in the building or being on the field.

It is a student who goes through the changes a lot more than administrative and teachers, students make up the school cultural and there is nothing more special than to realize that culture runs through the Wildcats mind.

This student has taken every opportunity that was in front of him to experience everything that HHS has to offer, and doesn't plan on leaving disappointed. If that isn't more special than scores than I wouldn’t know what it is myself.

What's Coming Up
The smell of AP exams have begun to be present as the mock exams are secretly approaching right behind the students, graduation is only right next door to the seniors and rest of lives are about to change. HHS will say goodbye to another class and welcome new generations in only 4 months to come. Teachers will let their students off to prove the knowledge they gave to have it shown in the real world.