#1StudentNWI: Spring is in the air at Clay High School

#1StudentNWI: Spring is in the air at Clay High School

What’s recently happened?

Clay High School (Clay) hosted its final winter formal, “A Night in Paris.” On February 24, students gathered at the Clay cafeteria to enjoy their final winter dance. The cafeteria, decorated by Clay’s student council, was covered in twinkling stars, bright moons, and glowing lights.

All night, students danced to their song requests and feasted on pizza, wings, and other snacks. Everyone gathered on the dance floor to songs such as the “Cha Cha Slide” by DJ Casper or “Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid. Students danced from the beginning of the night until the clock hit 10 p.m.

“I am happy with the turnout. Although it was not as big as we hoped it would be, it felt like a celebration. I am glad I got to hang out with my friends at this dance, and glad to have experienced this night,” Senior, Abigail Demler said.

What’s coming up?

On March 27, Clay’s National Honors Society (NHS) is hosting its final blood drive, “I Bleed Purple and Gold.” Students over 16 years of age are able to donate their blood while students ages 16 and 17 are required to fill out a permission slip signed by their parent or legal guardian.

The blood drive will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. All donors will receive a South Bend Medical Foundation t-shirt, as well as snacks afterward.

Students participating are urged to eat a healthy meal beforehand. Additionally, students are advised to eat an iron-rich meal and drink plenty of water. This will help students recover quicker, and make the process smoother.

If students or staff have questions, they are advised to contact Jessica Stewart, NHS advisor. Additionally, students may ask their NHS student representatives.

Staff Spotlight

Caroline Kaplan is the economics, business math, and entrepreneurship teacher at Clay High School. This year is Kaplan’s first year teaching at Clay, and she could not be more thrilled. A former Clay alumni herself, she adores the school and enjoys teaching the students here as well.

“When I attended Clay in the ‘80s, it was so much different than it is now. Back then, we had just gotten computers. We had only 12 of them. We begged our teacher to let us pair up so we could use them. Back then, I thought that was the coolest and most advanced thing I had ever seen. Seeing the school now, I was so wrong. The school developed so much, and only for the better,” Kaplan said.

Prior to taking a teaching role, Kaplan was and still is a practicing attorney. Kaplan has been practicing law for 35 years. Although she focuses on divorce and family law, she practices general law.

“I think that the Economy ties into everything in the world. The economy runs all of our lives. I want to educate my students on what the ‘real’ world is, and help their navigation process,” Kaplan said.

Kaplan often says that she could teach people everything about the economy in 10 days. She is passionate about the world and its economy, constantly watching and attending conferences and keeping up to date with every change.

“I don’t remember who said this, but at a young age, I was told ‘Economy is the basis of society,’ and that quote stuck with me for decades. Stocks, inflation, scarcity, these all make up our world. We have to learn how to address them and try to live our best lives,” Kaplan said.

Student Spotlight

Misael Gonzalez is a junior at Clay High School who is a part of many clubs, such as theater, soccer, dance, and student council. 

Gonzalez is the captain of Clay’s soccer team, playing mostly the forward position. Having played soccer for so long, he is excited to continue playing at Riley High School next year. 

Additionally, Gonzalez is in Dance 2. He enjoys dancing and plans on taking choreography in his senior year. Recently, he performed a duet with a peer at Clay’s dance concert.

Gonzalez is involved in the arts, specifically theater. Gonzales has participated in multiple shows, such as “James and the Giant Peach,” “Radium Girls,” “Darklight,” and “The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet,” and will perform in “Urinetown” in late April. Additionally, he has participated in short plays called One Acts.

Gonzalez is a member of the student council. Gonzalez tied with a peer, winning the position of co-president. 

“I am happy with how things turned out, I love my position, the people I serve among, and I love being a part of something special,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez’s favorite thing about Clay is the teachers, students, and events. “I feel very safe to talk to my teachers. I have so much fun at events with my friends, we always have a really good time,” he said.

In the upcoming year, Gonzalez will attend Riley High School following the closure of Clay. After high school, he will be attending college and minoring in dance with no major determined thus far. He hopes to play college soccer. Gonzalez plans to join the National Guard to earn income and benefits to assist him at the start of his adult life.