#1StudentNWI: Spring Brings Sunshine and Success to Hammond High

#1StudentNWI: Spring Brings Sunshine and Success to Hammond High

Glimpse of Hammond High

Hammond High has been semi-busy during the month of March. There was a series of mock exams for AP students to prepare for exams coming up in May.

Hammond high celebrated their Varsity Boys Basketball season with a Pep Rally ran by student government. There were games such as musical chairs, class soundoff, and class on class basketball. The students were very excited to be having a second Pep Rally during the year and enjoyed the entertainment from 92.3. The Varsity Boys Basketball also brought home a sectional title after playing the Cougars.

1Student-Hammond-April-2018-02After this amount of joy, selected students went to a Natural Helpers Retreat where there was relief and relaxation. Many students enjoyed the retreat that burdens were lifted off them that they didn’t know were there.

The month ended with everyone having a nice and long Spring Break and being able to spend time with their families and friends. Students were relieved to finally take a break from school, be able to sleep in, and do different things they didn’t have time to do while in school.

Sunlight that never goes away

1Student-Hammond-April-2018-05Sometimes it’s hard finding someone that stands out in a sea of students, but sometimes it just depends on where you're looking. This amazing student has deserved recognition since her first day here her Freshman year.

Linda Mendieta is a sophomore here at Hammond High and has thrived since she’s arrived. Her talents are remarkable and never ending. She played Varsity Softball and Soccer her first year, which is a big achievement for a freshman.

Linda is a hardworking individual who excels in everything she does. She holds a 4.0 Gpa while participating in things like tech club and yearbook along with her sports, of course. Her heart is pure and she often does community service involving kids. She has volunteered at Columbia Elementary and worked on various projects to benefit children.

Linda has a bright future and plans to continue her education at Purdue University West Lafayette. Something that she enjoys is drawing and painting, and she may even have a future in doing so. She entered a violin art contest through the Indianapolis district and was selected to be in the finals.

Her many accomplishments are rooted in activites that many don't consider during their freshman year. She may not be the most outgoing person but her personality speaks loudly when you get to know her. She’s the type of person that changes your entire mood and makes you think about the good things in life. Linda is a promising young lady and everyone should encounter her or someone like her in their lifetime.

Sneak Peek into April

1Student-Hammond-April-2018-06What’s in store at Hammond High are field trips ran by JAG to job fairs and college events. Student government will be organizing something for Women’s Day involving the school, which will be wonderful as there are many women deserving of recognition.

The senior class will be chasing after scholarships and finding money for college so that they can begin to declare their schools. Not only that but they will be starting to get invitations for their prom and getting their date applications and tickets.

Hammond High will also be looking forward to starting the seasons for their softball and baseball teams. Also, it will be beginning a new grading period for the students and teachers. There will be a parent meeting and report card pickup for the parents of students. The month of April will hopefully bring good weather and positive vibes. There should be exciting things to come and many stories to tell.

Working to help rebuild Hammond High

Mrs. Ellis is a strong willed teacher who stepped up to the plate for Hammond High. Her first year teaching was the end of last year where she filled in as an English teacher and helped prep students for upcoming AP classes. Never once did she give up or lose faith in her students. In fact, she helped many of them finish the year strong.

Mrs. Ellis' work didn’t stop there though, she returned to Hammond High to further assist her students in different activities outside of the classroom. Aside from her teaching she also picked up the student government program and helped many different programs flourish and remain a reality.

She is the teacher behind many of the events happening at Hammond High. Due to her level of involvement, many wouldn't believe she's a newer teacher at the school.

Ellis has so many different plans in store for Hammond High and never stops at the word No. She is an inspiration to students and has so many that adore her. Hammond High is very grateful and lucky to have such a flexible and determined teacher in their staff and hopefully she inspires other teachers and students to adapt positive characteristics.