#1StudentNWI: Spotlighting the Best Students and Teachers at the PCCTC

#1StudentNWI: Spotlighting the Best Students and Teachers at the PCCTC

Starting this semester, the Health Occupations students have gone into their positions to start their clinical! The students go into various locations to learn hands-on skills so when they get their CNA licenses they can be more prepared and also have their teacher’s guidance throughout the entire process. The students go during their class period and get separated into various locations then switch halfway through the semester. Good luck students as you conquer the next step in completing your CNA licenses!

On January 9th, the Entrepreneurship and the Strategic Marketing class had their DECA competition, a business competition that tests students problem-solving skills for their business oriented career path. A large majority of our students got the opportunity to go to state! We are proud of our students and wish them luck at state in Indianapolis on February 28th!

Coming up in February, five students in the CAD class has their Skills USA competition on the 6th which will be held at the Porter County Career Center. On January 22nd, the electronics class will submit their Youtube entries for their Nanoline Contest, then on January 25th, they will find out who made it past the first round. After all submissions, regionals are at Purdue on February 6th. Another event happening in February is our annual trip to the Chicago Auto Show, it is after school hours but a fun trip! There are permission slip forms in Mrs. Pancek’s office and you can turn in the form with money can be turned into Mrs. Pryzbyl.

January 9th Health Careers and Health Occupations will hold their third blood drive of the year as we strive every year to give back to our community as much as we can. This upcoming week students will have sign up sheets to sign up for a time to get their blood taken, if you have any questions please contact Mrs. Marcus, Mrs. Edwards or any health students. Hope to see you there!

Our Video Productions class had the honor to recently win the Indiana Award of Excellence, which only a few classes will achieve. Mr. Phelps, the Video Productions instructor who has worked at the Porter County Career Center for 10 years says that it is great to be recognized for building a strong program, a valuable asset to the community and an important part in a student’s high school curriculum.

Last year his class also won the Television School of the Year award from the Indiana Association of High School Broadcasters, achieving both of these of awards has shown that Mr. Phelps 10 years of dedication has really paid off. Before being a teacher at the Porter County Career Center, Mr. Phelps was a news photojournalist at an NBC news station and a board member at the Career Center, who was a friend, recommended him for the job when the had heard about the opening.

Mr. Phelps went to Ball State for four years and had the honor of being the school mascot! His favorite part about his class is seeing students do so many things with technology that they never thought they would be able to do before; he also likes the live sports broadcasts with students and working together knowing people are watching them and are impressed by their quality.

At the end of the year, they also hold a film an animation showcase at the end of the year at Ivy Tech that is a special red carpet event. We thank Mr. Phelps for all of his hard work and dedication and his class awards have proven his excellence.

Payton Ball, one of Mr. Phelp’s students who attends Wheeler High School has shown great enthusiasm for his class at the Career Center. Payton’s favorite part about being a part of the Porter County Career Center is the freedom they have with products and the ability to have the endless creativity to be able to take that creative idea to the next level and make it fun.

The enjoys doing the play-by-play broadcasts for sporting events and he is also a co-host for a sports talk radio show, 103.1! Payton’s greatest experience is meeting a bunch of people from other schools and met people outside of the Career Center because of people the met at the Career Center. He also got his radio gig from being a part of the Porter County Career Center! Payton’s career goal is to work for a big name TV production company and the plans to go to Valparaiso University, Ball State, and Vincennes University for sports broadcasting.

The thing he is most proud of about himself is the willingness he has to talk to new people without being afraid of judgment. Payton is just another shining star we have with a bright future at our school.

Jenna, a second year Modern Machining student has really shined here at the Porter County Career Center, especially being a female in a male-dominated career field. Jenna was able to earn a scholarship and score a job at Task Force Tips because of her great expertise and motivation.

Jenna's career goal is to be her dad's boss (he and she are in the same career field). She also states that her favorite thing is to learn new things at work, no matter what she is doing she will pause it at the opportunity to increase her knowledge.

Jenna also says that her Modern Machining class has opened up so many opportunities like a scholarship and work; meanwhile, those opportunities have shown her additional opportunities available to her.