#1StudentNWI: Senior Celebrations at Griffith High School

#1StudentNWI: Senior Celebrations at Griffith High School

What’s Happening:

On Wednesday, April 11, the senior banquet for GHS was held at the Knights of Columbus in Griffith. Seniors enjoyed food, music, and praise as they prepared to embark on their last quarter of high school. Superlatives such as best laugh, worst driver, best hair, teacher’s pet, best to take home to mom and dad, and more were awarded. Two people were awarded each superlative: one boy and one girl.

Some of these awards were made for two people such as the best friend award, cutest couple, cutest couple that never was, and more. Ali Schoon and Hannah Ramirez have been lifelong friends, and were awarded the best friends superlative.

“A couple weeks before the banquet, Ali asked me if I could pick a superlative, which one I would want to win. I told her that nothing could beat winning best friends with her. When we actually won, I couldn’t contain my excitement,” said Ramirez. “We have been best friends for the longest time and I even set her up with my brother, and this year they will be celebrating four years together. We work so well as friends because we balance each other out. Her family has become my family, and mine has become hers.”

“There’s not another award I would have rather received because Hannah is the definition of a true friend and I’m happy to say she’s my bestie for the restie,” said Schoon. “Everyone said me dating her brother would split our friendship, but he have only grown closer every single day and I couldn’t imagine my life without her.”

What’s Coming Up:

The top ten graduates of the class of 2018 will be honored at a dinner on May 2 at Jedi’s Garden restaurant in Griffith. The top ten ranked in the senior class will enjoy dinner, make speeches, spend time with family and friends, as well as invite a teacher who has made the most positive impact in their life.

Kacie Kruhaj will be graduating at sixth in her class, and is inviting her first grade teacher, Mrs. Newton, to the dinner. Newton was the first teacher to tell Kruhaj that she would do great things.

Good grades have always been a goal for Kruhaj, and being in the top ten was just the result of that. She will be attending Arizona State University for Biomedical Engineering. Based off her test scores and GPA, she received an automatic scholarship for $14,500 per year.

Teacher Spotlight:

Griffith High School and its staff have been receiving a lot of recognition lately due to the hard work of teachers, administration, and students. Math teacher Marilyn Brunk was awarded AP TIP-IN Teacher of the Year, the Advanced Placement Teacher Investment Program for Indiana through University of Notre Dame. Brunk was awarded at Notre Dame, where she was recognized for her hard work and dedication to her students and the math department.

Assistant Principal Delincia Smith was awarded District 1 Assistant Principal of the Year by the Indiana Association of School Principals. Smith has been at GHS for three years, and has improved the school immensely in the short time that she has been there.

GHS is welcoming a new superintendent after Dr. Pete Morikis’ retirement. Michele Riise is joining the administration at Griffith, and is already stepping up and making changes to the school. Riise has enforced stricter rules regarding hall passes during class, as well as enforcing stricter safety rules that have already been in effect in order to keep the campus safe.

Award-winning administration and teaching staff leads to an award-winning school, as proved by GHS. Griffith was named to College Board’s AP Honor Roll, and is one of only ten schools in Indiana to receive this honor. This award is given to a school that is committed to expanding the availability of AP courses among prepared and motivated students of all backgrounds. GHS was also named one of America’s Most Challenging High Schools by the Washington Post, and was named AP-TIP IN school of the year by University of Notre Dame.

Student Spotlight:

Sophomore Tyler Smith is making the most out of his high school experience, and is involved in tennis, golf, theatre, and academic superbowl. Smith has played tennis for six years and is the varsity captain. Although he has only played golf for one year, he has become one of the top varsity players and has grown quickly to enjoy it. In the fall, Smith joined Griffith Theatre Company, the drama club at GHS. He landed a supporting role in the fall production “30 Reasons Not to Be In a Play”, and landed a supporting role of Charlie Cowell in the spring musical “The Music Man”.

In his free time, which can be very difficult to find in his hectic schedule, Smith enjoys spending time with friends, listening to music, especially Frank Sinatra, and watching “The Office” and Netflix.

Academics are crucial for Smith, because they help him narrow down what he would like to do for the rest of his life. He plans on going to college for business so that he can work as a stock broker, which he's preparing for already by owning a few stocks.

As for the remainder of his high school years, Smith plans to thrive in tennis, golf, and acting, and hopes to advance in sectionals at some point. His main goal for golf is to improve and keep a positive attitude throughout the season. He is currently placed as the third top golfer for his varsity team.

“I would advise everyone to take a leap of courage and join any extracurricular activity in high school,” said Smith. “It’s the best way to make friends and find school more entertaining and tolerable.”