#1StudentNWI: School Begins Their Endgame at Hammond High School

HammondHSMarch16-1What’s Happening
The ending of the 3rd grading period is winding down, the end of the school year is near. Soon enough the doors will close for the summer, the next chapter of many students lives will begin to be written. It is a huge transition to step in the real world, and without a doubt, the Wildcats are prepared to handle reality.

There are many teachers and coaches that have helped shape and mold successful students. The Wildcats are more than prepared to finish the school year on a good note, as well as the seniors leaving a strong impact on the generations to come. Graduating from HHS means you will always bleed purple and white whether the motivation came from a teacher or a peer, the influence is strong and always present. This Wildcat pride is longlasting and is evident through the return of Rudy Chapa. Chapa has set records in the athletic department of HHS and went on the create more at Oregon. He has gone on to work in huge corporate names, but he is very humble and reflects on his roots. Chapa is very proud to say where he has come from.

When visiting, he spoke with the students of the “Blueprint” class and gave advice that will be effective in all aspects of life. He is one of many faces that has been successful leaving the doors of HHS, but he knows that just attending the school was not the key to success. It takes motivation and determination, and there are no other kids that have grown up to overcome hardships like the students of HHS.

HammondHSMarch16-3Teacher Spotlight
It would make more sense to choose to a single teacher to commend for the influence and motivation the create for students here at HHS, but, in general, every teacher and staff member have created a relationship with one or more of the students.

The HHS Staff deserve to be appreciated and thanked for the hard work they do, especially putting in consideration the changes that have occurred in HHS. Change is not easy, but the staff has made the transition suiting for their students. There couldn’t be a better staff to ask for.

A lot of the work that they do is not taken into consideration, they see as many as 100 or more students a day, manage to grade work, teach lessons that apply to both education and life and still make time to help students after school. HHS teachers are superheroes, they don’t pay any mind to those that have negative reactions that some may have towards the school they work for because they understand and know their students more than any person on the outside ever could.

HammondHSMarch16-4Student Spotlight
To be grateful for the teachers, you have to incorporate the students. It is not easy to walk down the hallway and feel like an individual all the time, there is competition, even if it is healthy. Sometimes it is better to feel like a part of something bigger, to feel that you have contributed to the good that is occurring in your school.

The positive atmosphere is ready for a breakthrough, the good will be known. It seems that the bad gets more attention these days and it takes away motivation from the ones that will always have the integrity to do the right thing and act in the “wildcat” way.

So for now instead of one person being in the spotlight, the students that continue to excel in the most proficient way will have light shed on them, for those in the freshmen class to those in the senior class.

Thank you to students that walk in the halls with their heads held high. Some feel it is not in the best interest to go to HHS, but those that look down on the school are those that don’t realize the good that has come from HHS, those Alumni have once walked in the shoes and in the halls that are filled. What makes HHS are those that cherish their education and that find pride in their school, the students that are the face of HHS.

HammondHSMarch16-2What’s Coming Up
There is still senior fever in the air, senior photos are finished and now the rest of the schedule is in order to be finished all the way up to graduation. The feeling is so intense. The atmosphere is anticipating the farewell to the Class of 2016. Other than the Class of 2016, the spring sports are preparing for their season or either starting them. Preparation is key for the wildcats at the moment, the Junior class is awaiting the SAT as many Seniors are rolling in their decisions on college and even prom. But also, the work ethic is building for the students that have been invited to the National Honor Society, portfolios are the most important part of the final decisions in which students will be inducted.