#1StudentNWI: saving lives and Friday nights at Bishop Noll

#1StudentNWI: saving lives and Friday nights at Bishop Noll

Teacher Spotlight

Bishop Noll teacher, Mrs. Pat Aguila-Castellanos, is committed to inspiring her students ever since she began teaching at Noll in 2003.

Aguila-Castellanos currently teaches speech and Spanish 1, 3, and 4. Previously, she taught all of those classes as well as Spanish 2. 

Teaching a language is so important to Aguila-Castellanos. For her, it’s a new way to navigate the world, and being able to offer that to other students is powerful.   

“It’s a pathway to learn about the world. The ability to communicate in another language can lead you to many great opportunities. When you speak an additional language, you could travel to places you have only read about,” said Aguila-Castellanos. “The world becomes an attainable job market, and you are given the opportunity to communicate and understand people who enrich and contribute to our world.” 

Besides being the head of the language department at Bishop Noll, Aguila-Castellanos is head of the BNI Travel Abroad Program. She started the program a few years ago, and so far, the program has travelled to France, London, Spain, and Italy. 

“I want to expose students to different cultures and to see how others live in the world,” said Aguila-Castellanos. 

When Aguila-Castellanos is not teaching or traveling, she likes to spend time with her family and attend music concerts. Some of her favorite artists are Stevie Nicks, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Beastie Boys, Depeche Mode, the Cure, and John Legend.

The BNI Community is extremely grateful for all that Aguila-Castellanos has done and will continue to do for her students and coworkers at BNI.

Student Spotlight

Bishop Noll senior, Skylar Davis, is getting involved in as much as she can this year. So far this year, Davis has joined the speech team, academic super bowl team, and student council. She also plans to join the track and field team and finish up her high school softball career in the spring. Prior to her senior year, she played both volleyball and basketball for one year. She has also been involved in Campus Ministry by leading retreats and lecturing at mass for two years. 

“My favorite thing about going to BNI is the friendships I have made throughout the years. I have made many great friendships throughout the years and I hope to keep up with many of them when I leave Bishop Noll,” Davis said.

Davis is currently an assistant student athletic trainer alongside three other students where she is able to help the high school’s athletic trainer set up for home games. She fills up coolers, makes ice bags, and helps with anything else the trainer needs. 

“My favorite part about being an assistant athletic trainer would have to be the relationships I have made with the other helpers: Mary Buksa, Jasmin Romo, and Mely Diaz. I basically tell all these girls everything and we have never had a dull moment together,” said Davis. “I also like the relationships I have developed with some of the players on the teams and how I have grown to understand some of the sports now and enjoy them more than I used to.”

When Davis is not at Bishop Noll, she likes to watch Netflix and YouTube, or spend time on Twitter and Instagram. She enjoys making friendship bracelets and reading books, but her favorite above all is listening to music. 

After graduation,Davis plans on going to college in Indiana. Currently, she has her eyes on Ball State University and Indiana University. She is not sure on what she wants to study, but is interested in nursing and zoology.

The BNI Family will greatly miss Davis, but wishes her well in the future. 

What has happened?

On September 17, Bishop Noll hosted their first blood drive of the year.National Honor Society sponsored this life-saving event.

The Versiti Blood Center came to BNI to take blood from willing donors. Students who were 16 and older, as well as staff and administration,were encouraged to sign up and donate. Donors prepared to give blood by drinking lots of water, eating nutritious food, and getting a good night’s sleep.

Over 40 BNI students signed up to donate blood, but unfortunately, some students were unable to due to low iron levels. Yet, there were thirty-one successful donors, meaning thirty-one pints of blood were donated!All students who donated were rewarded with a T-shirt and sticker. 

“I donated blood because I know that it can help a lot of people if there is an emergency or if someone is really sick. It is a small way we can help people that we don’t even know,” said junior and first-time blood donor Carmelina Komyatte. 

The Versiti Blood Center will be back at Bishop Noll three more times throughout the school year. Those who were not able to give this time can hopefully give at the next blood drive.

What is coming up? 

Friday night football is back at Bishop Noll. After the decision to play at the junior varsity level last season, the BNI football team has both a Varsity and Junior Varsity schedule for this year. So far, the Warriors are 3-2, which is already a great improvement from the past few years,both physically and mentally. 

Friday night football means that Friday Night Lights are back too. The BNI student section has become extremely creative with themes this season. So far, the students have been sporting neon, Disney, and Area 51 outfits. Led by the BNI Cheer team and BNI Band, the student section never slows down their energy.

“I like going to football games because I find it to be a good way to unwind,'' said junior Alejandra Castellanos.

The BNI football team still has three games left this season. On October 4,the Warriors will play an away game against Wheeler. On October 11, they will play their last home game against South Central. Finally, their last game of the season will be played at Calumet on October 18. Come out and support the BNI football program as they continue to grow!