#1StudentNWI: Safety, Homecoming, and Athletics at La Porte

#1StudentNWI: Safety, Homecoming, and Athletics at La Porte

Student Spotlight

Sara Farlie is one of La Porte High School’s multi-sport athletes, but her talent does not stop there; Sara has been selected to represent LPHS not only through her athletic abilities, but also in ways which showcase her intelligence and outgoing personality.

Farlie has been playing softball for eight years and will continue her high school softball career for her third season. She is also a member of the LPHS Pom and Dance team and will begin her second Varsity year during the upcoming basketball season.

“I have enjoyed being involved in sports because they have helped me set up my future,” Farlie said.

Farlie considers her dad to be her greatest role model and supporter through both her academics and athletics.

“My dad has always been my greatest role model in my life. He always inspires me to keep going with something if I truly love it. He helps me keep my self-confidence even when I do not believe in myself,” Farlie said.

Following her incredible athletics, Farlie is also a member of the American Sign Language Honors Society. She plans to follow her high school education by going to college to become an elementary school teacher.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family. One of her biggest motivators is her best friend, Zofia Otolski, and, according to Farlie, she is one of her favorite people to spend time with.

“We treat each other like we are family and we consider ourselves as sisters,” Otolski said.

With great friends, a supportive family, and a promising future, Farlie is sure to find success wherever she may go.

Teacher Spotlight

Mrs. Tuholski, former La Porte High School student and 2009 graduate, has joined the Slicer community once again after graduation.

Tuholski began teaching at LPHS this year after being a substitute at Boston Middle School during half of the 2017-2018 school year. She has experienced education with Purdue Extension by leading outdoor courses with IU Outdoor Adventures at IU Bloomington. With plenty of experience in nutrition and health, Tuholski is a perfect fit for the LPHS Nutrition and Wellness class.

“I teach the intro and advanced Nutrition and Wellness classes. We learn about kitchen safety and procedures, how to have a healthy eating style, food and culture, and the importance of local food,” Tuholski said.

Tuholski did not always plan to be a teacher, though, and she did not actually go to school for teaching. While she had many inspirational teachers in her life, she considers herself to have taken a nontraditional route to becoming a teacher.

Aside from her teaching, Tuholski also coaches girls’ cross-country and track, and she also assists with FFA. She also runs a business, Tuholski Produce, with her husband, and she enjoys spending her free time outside.

“I love to travel, camp, and hike. You might also find me kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding. I enjoy biking and running too; I have competed in half and full marathons, and I would love to try a triathlon someday,” she said.

Whether it be coaching or teaching, LPHS is excited to welcome Tuholski back into the Slicer family.

What’s been happening?

La Porte High School has added many new procedures and precautions to ensure safety for all students and staff. With recent situations of danger, and a wave of discomfort, students are undergoing changes to school policies and adjustments to the previous safety precautions.

LPHS has switched to having seven classes per day, and has moved to semesters rather than trimesters. With less time in between classes and classes moving at a faster pace, ideas have been put into place to not only provide an easier situation for students, but to do so through safe ways.

According to officials at LPHS, lockdown drills and canine searches are planned to be more regular. In addition, students will soon be required to wear lanyards with their I.D. attached. Students are also now permitted to use clear backpacks if they feel it is necessary.

With an added number of drills coming to the school, the La Porte Police Department has planned to begin responding to unplanned fire drills. As the situation could be made unsafe, the LPPD hopes to prevent any dangerous or threatening situation.

While some may consider the new policies to be an inconvenience, the changes are necessary to ensure a safe environment for all students and staff as a whole. Staff and students are prepared for a safe and enjoyable school year.

What’s coming up?

The 2018-2019 LPHS senior class is the 150th class to graduate from La Porte High School. With 150 years to celebrate, the Student Council has decided to use “150 years and our story is still unfolding” as this year’s homecoming theme.

Students at LPHS tend to take homecoming festivities pretty seriously, and this year shall be no exception. With a week-long series of celebrating and preparing for the “big game,” plenty of energy and school spirit is sure to be shown.

Members of student council create five different themes for students to dress up for, one for each day of the week. Students running for Homecoming King and Queen spend their passing periods campaigning by passing out candy and treats to rack in their votes.

With this year’s game occurring on September 28th, the class games are set for September 26th. The LPHS class games consist of many different games that are played by four teams; freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Students from each team gather on the Kiwanis field and compete to defend their class, all while preparing to cheer on the football team at Friday’s game.

Throughout the week, students decorate their grade’s designated hallway in orange and black in hopes of doing a better job than the other grades. Classroom doors are also decorated by SRT (Slicer Resource Time) classes and are then voted on by staff members, and the winning class(es) receive a prize. The week ends with an outstanding pep rally at the end of school before sending the Slicers off to defend their home.

The whole week is planned to be full of Slicers showing their pride and spirit, and students are looking forward to an intense game against Crown Point.