#1StudentNWI: Preview of Things to Come at Wirt-Emerson High School

#1StudentNWI: Preview of Things to Come at Wirt-Emerson High School

Student of the Month
Chynna Miller is an outstanding student at Wirt-Emerson with impeccable talent. She graces and struts through the mellow hallways of Wirt sporting her medallions and titles for every single eye to see. She is a member at large of the National Honor Society, a member of the FACES modeling troupe, and also a champion track star. She has earned over 20 medals, and an enormous amount of trophies. Recently, Chynna was offered a full ride scholarship to Notre Dame.

Miller says, “I’m still deciding on whether or not I want to attend, but Notre Dame is a really great school.”

With all of these amazing accomplishments, Chynna stays true to herself and encourages everyone she associates with to do the same. Chynna motivates her friends to believe in themselves and stay true to who they are just as she does. She encourages her friends to do better in school and apply themselves.

Maria Hardy her best friend says, “Chynna is a really really great friend. She tells me all the time how honesty is the best policy and she never allows me to become discouraged. “

Chynna with her athletic and academic achievements, her charm and wisdom is definitely a student from Wirt-Emerson we are sure to hear a whole lot more about!

Teacher of the Month
Dr. Williams is an all-star physical education and health teacher at Wirt-Emerson with an infectious laugh and courageous character. She is also the track and field coach at Westside High School and the Coach of the prestigious FACES modeling troupe. She struts her way through the misty halls of Emerson smiling at everyone she encounters making their day just a little brighter. She is proclaimed by all the students and the staff to be the sweetest staff member of Wirt –Emerson, not just because of her smile but because of her genuine concern for everyone.

Maria Hardy says, “Whenever I see Dr.Williams walking down the hall or anything she asks me how I am. It really makes a difference when someone asks how you are and you aren’t feeling that great.”

She has a warm smile and a trusting heart that invites you in at only hello and makes you want to hug her. She gives students a safe haven to vent and get advice in any situation.

NaTaija Johnson says, “Dr. Williams was definitely the best teacher I’ve ever had. She not only cared if I learned health she cared if what I learned was beneficial to me and my life.”

Drama More to Come
The Drama majors and thespians of Wirt-Emerson sashay through the artful halls adding a whole lot of character to the atmosphere of the performing arts arena, they sprinkle a little bit of sugar on top of the entrée that Emerson represents giving the flavor a little tang. They flaunt their outstanding abilities to become someone else fully with no holds barred in their performances and speeches. They grace the audience with the definition of what it means to have astounding stage presence and sneaking into their heart allowing them to fall in love with only a façade of who they actually are.

The Drama department with their distinguished phenomenal talent is looking for ways to raise money for the basic necessities of theater, so they are putting on a fundraising show to be held this January.

Delawrence Nixon says, “We are doing a series of one-act plays to raise money for our department. We’ve been working hard in class to prepare for the show. It won’t be easy but we’re hoping that we raise a lot of money by showcasing our talents.”

Seniors One Step Closer
Seniors have been “turnt up” all week in anticipation for the return of the Josten’s company who brings caps, gowns, tassels, sweat shirts, sweat pants, backpacks and lots of other class inspired items. The seniors were amped to order and receive things in direct representation of their outstanding class spirit.

Tuesday the seniors placed orders and made down payments on their packages and received some class inspired gear. The students were more than ecstatic to receive their goodies and they sported them around all day on Tuesday.

Mariah Guise says, “I’m in love with my senior jogging suit. I might have to just wear it every day.”

The company coming to Wirt and enabling the seniors to order their necessities and goodies for graduation was an awakening of how close they are to the end of their high school careers.

Taylor Howard comments, “I was really excited to see them, but when I saw the tassels I was in shock for a second like oh my gosh this is really happening. It’s so funny to think just last year I was just watching as the seniors got their stuff.”

The cap and gowns being ordered are one symbol of the beginning to the end