#1StudentNWI: October Activities at VHS

#1StudentNWI: October Activities at VHS

What’s happened?

Valparaiso High School recently celebrated Homecoming Week which included many dress up days like neon day, decade day, school spirit day, and ended with the homecoming dance. The theme was Up in Space.

The VHS Choir’s first concert of the year, Fall Fantasia, was performed on October 10th. The concert was beautiful as were the songs sung by the Mixed, Women’s, Men’s, and Concert Choirs. Their song selection included songs sung in Latin and other languages as well as a patriotic rendition of Battle Hymn of the Republic done by all the choirs. The concert also included the jovial dancing and singing of the Varsity Singers.

It’s the last week of the first quarter for VHS and many students have turned in late or missing work to try and get the maximum amount of points for the quarter. Along with being the last week of the first quarter, it was PSAT time for the Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior classes.

VHS hasn't just been focused on Homecoming and academics, though, They recently made a Gay Alliance club for everyone who identifies as Gay, Lesbian, Transexual, Bisexual, Pansexual, etc. to get together and hang out.

What’s going to happen?

Some of the construction at VHS is finishing up and will be ready for the VHS students to use soon! Some of these new additions to the school include a new open double stairwell right next to the new cafeteria that was revealed at the beginning of the year. There will also be a new Coffee House Store! The VHS Coffee House is a little store that the staff and students can go to in the morning to get coffee, chai, tea, hot chocolate, and other drinks for a low cost. The profit goes towards the VHS Life Skills program.

It's October and that means a lot of things are happening and Halloween is approaching quickly!

Most of the students are making plans for Halloween. Some are planning on staying inside and watching movies while some are planning to go to the Haunted trail at Roger’s lakewood for the girl scouts and their families. Still others might be going out for some Trick-or-Treating which in Valparaiso lasts from 5:30 to 7:30 this year. But, while everyone is looking forward to Halloween night, it’s still a smart thing to relearn how to be safe on Halloween night. For example, If you’re trick-or-treating, go in a group, don’t eat candy without checking it, and stay in well-lit areas.

Let’s make it a great Halloween this year!

Student spotlight: Melody Monroe

Melody Monroe is a 17 year old junior at VHS. She is always bright and charismatic, often striking up the most interesting conversations with those around her. Melody is a first year Captain of Interpretive Speaking for the VHS Speech, Debate, and Mock-Trial club. She’s kind, smart, and funny.

Melody hopes that in five years she will be working with a theater group somewhere and be back on pointe shoes at her dance studio. When asked about what she thought about VHS, she responded, “Well, the renovations are fantastic and the teachers are great.”

Overall, Melody is a great person who is well-rounded. She’s a great student, she’s nice to everyone around her, and does what she can to help others in their time of need.

Teacher Spotlight: Heather Beach

It’s the third month of school and the end of the first quarter. Students at VHS have now fully immersed themselves into the daily routine. While students concentrate on studies, the teachers at VHS provide a safe environment to learn and study in. Plus, they are always up to teaching a student who needs extra help on a certain topic.

This month’s teacher highlight is Mrs. Beach, a wonderful and kind woman who is always willing to help students with their work.

“Mrs Beach is amazing. She’s nice, supportive, and kind. She works with everyone to help them,” said one student.

Mrs. Beach is also a massive supporter of the VHS Speech, Debate, and Mock-Trial team, often lending her classroom to a “Squad” who needs to practice that day for any upcoming tournaments in the month.

Mrs. Beach cares about every student that comes to ask for help. She also gives advice to whomever asks for it. She is very caring towards everyone and she is also patient.