#1StudentNWI: October at Boone Grove

#1StudentNWI: October at Boone Grove

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Russell
The Boone Grove High School staff create a space where students can be the best versions of themselves. English teacher, Mr. Josh Russell, works endlessly to promote his student’s success.

“Teaching is in my blood, it’s what my family does”, Russell said. “Having been in a classroom my whole life, I have learned that teaching isn’t a job, it is a lifestyle. It doesn’t stop when the bell rings at the end of the day. My job is to make sure my students know someone is always in their corner.”

Mr. Russell is passionate about improving Boone Grove and spends countless hours every day to bring new and exciting ideas to the students. Through his hard work, Boone Grove now offers a journalism elective. In his class, students are writing columns and articles covering Boone Grove events, students, and student-athletes. The program brings over 3,000 people to view students work, which is exciting for members in the class.. The success with the journalism elective goes to show that Mr. Russell puts in extra time and effort for those who are passionate about something.

As a Valparaiso High School graduate, he is dedicated to his students as he knows the impact teachers have on their students.

“Past teachers Janis Ellenson, Linda Cronk, and Matt Thomas instilled in me a love for literature and the change that can be brought by it,” Russell said. “ A large portion of the curriculum that the state has us cover is hard for students to relate to. My job is not only to teach the curriculum, but to teach it in a way that is meaningful and engaging for the 21st-century student.”

Mr. Russell was voted September staff member of the month by students for his dedication and drive in their success. His contributions as a teacher and his major impact on Boone Grove athletics is greatly appreciated by students. Whether it’s in the classroom, announcing a game, or coaching the girl's basketball team, “J-Russ” is always in your corner.

Student Spotlight: Dylan Paul
Senior Dylan Paul is what Boone Grove exemplifies: a strong student athlete, familiar friendly face, and an outgoing personality. Whether it’s on the field or in the classroom, Paul is always positively representing Boone Grove. Dylan is a three sport athlete, football, basketball, and baseball, is one leader you can find everyone going to.

Though “Senioritis” has taken effect, Dylan is not taking his last year for granted, and shows no sign of slowing down.

“Being a senior in sports, it feels like you’re the old guy. I have been doing this for the last three years and I know what to expect. It is important because you can help teach the younger players on the team and help them to become the best players and teammates they can be,” Paul said.

Paul shows up to all practices and games radiating positivity and passion. Dylan is always trying to better the people around him, and though his time at Boone Grove is coming to an end, he will carry that energy with him to wherever he lands.

Paul has met many people who inspire him at Boone Grove, such as Mr. Russell.

“He has been my teacher for three years and we’ve gotten to know each other very well over that time. I believe he has taught me some core values of life that I have taken to heart and use in my life now. I want to thank him for instilling those new values into me and helping me be a better person,” Paul said.

Paul shared his advice for underclassmen: “Value being a senior. Your time in high school will fly by. First your a freshman walking into high school for the first time, and before you know it it’ll be graduation day,” Paul said. “ It goes by so quickly, do not take it for granted, live it out at your fullest potential.”

As a member of principals council, and an honors student, Dylan plays a vital role in Boone Grove’s community. He is an excellent example of what a student athlete should be and we wish him the best in wherever he goes.

What Has Happened: Halloween Hustle
Boone Grove High School class of 2020 put together the Halloween Hustle 5k Color Run to fundraise for their junior prom. This event was hosted this past Sunday, and was put together by the junior class who successfully exceeded their fundraising goal, thanks to their sponsors.

Early Sunday morning, over 130 runners lined up for the dash and were showered with fall colors. Junior class director of fundraiser, Paige Wisner, talked details about the event.

“This event was great for our class because of how successful it was. We [the class of 2020 office holders] are really thankful for the Boone Grove community, and everyone who helped make this a memory.”

Full of fun games, music, food, and color the Halloween Hustle 5k Color Run and Walk was an enjoyable family event for all that attended. The Boone Grove class of 2020 would like to extend their gratitude to their sponsors, the volunteers, and attendees.

What is Coming up: Drama Club
This upcoming November 3rd and 4th, Boone Grove Drama Club is hosting their annual fall play. Second year director Stacey Davis and her team are excited for this year's performance called “The 39 Steps”, By John Buchan. This murder mystery based in the 1940s and is the clubs first play of the year. This month's performance will be held in the auxiliary gym.