#1StudentNWI: New seasons at Wheeler High School

#1StudentNWI: New seasons at Wheeler High School

What's recently happened:

Over the weekend, the Wheeler High School (WHS) boys golf team won the Brickie Scramble. The boys finished -1 on the day, making them come out victorious. The team is full of hard workers who are coached by an extremely talented faculty. 

In other sports news, the girls softball team won their game with a score of five to one against Heritage Christian High School. As softball and golf season comes to a close with the end of the school year, senior nights are to be expected. 

The WHS band, more commonly known as the "Bandcats," played to primitive fame as they received gold rating in the ISSMA competition this past week. We are so proud of our band!

What's coming up:

Change has blossomed around the halls of WHS. From new installments to the school like the Media Broadcasting Club to the graduating seniors, there is plenty of change to go around. 

The class of 2022, specifically, is on their last stretch before becoming adults. Many students wait their whole academic career until their graduation day, so it is an exciting time for most students. 

"I've been awaiting graduation day since my freshman year. I think it's a right of passage, honestly. I cannot wait to spend my summer with my friends, while making new friends and a whole new world for myself in the fall," said Senior Ava Piwinski. 

The seniors have more than graduation to look forward to, though. The senior cookout is planned for Tuesday, May 24. This annual celebration of the graduating class consists of delicious food, a time to play games with your classmates, share fond memories with a beloved teacher, and bask in the last moments of your highschool experience. It is well anticipated and celebrated by all. 

Seniors also have prom to look forward to. This year's prom is to be held at County Line Orchard. A beautiful country rustic venue in which a professional photographer is available. The theme for the prom is masquerade, which is very fitting for the times we have been living through. Although most seniors are feeling bittersweet since it is their last prom, it will be a mighty extravagant farewell to the hardworking class of 2022. 

Staff Spotlight:

Rhonda Lavelle is an extremely pertinent asset to WHS. While most teachers teach an influx of valuable information, Lavelle teaches information that is necessary and useful in the "real world". Lavelle teaches classes such as personal finance, adult roles and responsibilities, child development, and business. 

While students are required to take at least one of her classes, most students value each class she teaches. Lavelle curates a learning environment that is designed with such attentive care and attention, that no student is left behind. 

One of her more notable classes, personal finance, is an excellent class WHS offers. While taking the class you learn about checks, bank accounts, how to balance a checkbook, how to keep track of your monetary spending, and keep a budget. All of these tasks are essential for success as an adult, and Lavelle makes sure you succeed.

Lavelle will be finishing up the year with the graduating class, and then will be retiring. The entire student body thanks Lavelle for her dedication as a caring teacher and a genuine educator, and will miss her dearly. 

Student Spotlight:

Senior Hunter Huls is a friend to all. Huls is WHS' most prized student. Huls can be seen giving a cheerful smile to everyone and anyone through the halls of WHS, donning him student of the month multiple times. 

Huls, aside from being an exuberantly cheerful human, is an excellent student. Huls has devoted his academic career to making excellent grades, and has proven to do so through his driven personality. Huls also interns at a custom kitchen furnishing company. 

"I love my internship. I get to learn new facts almost every day about this trade; it's very enlightening. It has helped me to figure out a general outline for my future plans after high school." said Huls. 

Hanging out with friends, tending to his garden, and visiting various nature trails are just a few of Huls' hobbies. After high school, Huls plans to attend Purdue University Northwest to pursue a degree in agriculture studies. Huls is loved by all.