#1StudentNWI: Musicals and Mystery at South Central High School

#1StudentNWI: Musicals and Mystery at South Central High School

Student Spotlight:
Makenna Lebo is a senior at South Central. She just completed her last official dance routine on the home court at Friday’s game against Westville. Makenna has been on the Rockettes team for four years and is saddened that her season is now over. This leader of the pack enjoys spending her time dancing, ice skating, and eating pizza with her friends. Makenna also loves working with her horse Ever. Makenna is an outstanding student as well, being one of the top students! We all wish Makenna the best with college and her future!

Teacher Spotlight:
Without the diverse backgrounds of our teachers, all subjects would be cookie cutter and boring. Mr. Craft makes sure his German classes are anything but boring! Mr. Craft switches between South Central and Westville every day! This former North Judson teacher teaches German to three classes at each school. Mr. Craft used to be stationed in Germany, giving him a vast knowledge of all things German. His entertaining stories and insight on the subject make his classes that much better!

Mr. Craft loves to travel and loves sharing that with his students. He dreams of traveling the world, but until then, he’s stuck teaching here in Northwest Indiana! In his free time, Mr. Craft enjoys long walks on the beach, providing donuts to his three favorite students (Blake, Allison, and Madi), and going on beautiful vacations. Mr. Craft may be new to South Central, but he’s already part of the faculty family and a wonderful person to all students. Although not many students know the German teacher, he will still greet them every morning with a bright, smiling face!

Senior Night:
The tears flowed from the crowd as the seniors lined up. This past Friday was senior night at South Central. Members of the band, basketball, cheer, and dance teams played at their last game. Before that, they all lined up on the court to be recognized. Students and parents were all in tears as they realized their beloved seniors were playing their last official game. As each student and their parents walked across the gym floor, long time fans, friends, and family watched while the bittersweet feeling fell upon them. That’s it. Football and basketball seasons are over. All that’s left is baseball season.

The school year is working on its last leg and these seniors are about to go out into the real world. The shock may be, well.... a shock, but it’s happening! We’re all getting a little older and wiser and moving on up! Best of luck senior class of 2016!

Musical Comedy Murders of the 1940’s:
With such a long name, you’re bound to wonder what it may be. The Musical Comedy Murders of the 1940’s is the fastly approaching production that South Central will be putting on! MCM is a hilarious show about ten people trapped in a house, trying to discover who is the notorious Stage Door Slasher. The Stage Door Slasher is back at it again, killing more and more people, becoming a huge threat in the Von Grossenkanuten household.

The characters include a suspicious German maid and an accent switching Irishman. Although the name implies it is a musical, it is not! What the show is is a mild adult humored show with twists, turns, and secret passageways! The show has two casts which switch out shows but both promise to be equally entertaining! The times and dates are March 11 at 7 pm, March 12 at 2 and 7 pm, and March 13 at 2 pm. Come out and support these amazing actor as well as the seniors in their final production. Go break a leg you guys!