#1StudentNWI: Munster’s Sprint for Spirit

#1StudentNWI: Munster’s Sprint for Spirit

What’s Happened?

Festive is an understatement when describing the halls of Munster during Homecoming week. Starting September 17th, student government organized the annual spirit week for Munster students. Each day had its very own theme with the seniors having their own special days. Similar to previous years, MHS seniors had a Hawaiian Monday, Nerdy Tuesday, Random Costume Wednesday, the iconic 80s workout day on Thursday, and topped the week off with some Munster gear on Friday.

That same Monday, Junior and Senior girls kicked off the week with their annual Powder Puff game. Juniors took the win with a score of 36-24. Nevertheless, this year was recorded as one of the largest Powder Puff participations in years with the Senior class contributing almost fifty players.

Of course with spirit week comes Homecoming Court and the dance itself. Six senior girls, Maddie Foriet, Maggie Curtin, Zoe Short, Sam Barraza, Vanessa Koultourides, and Addy Andello, were nominated by their classmates to be on court. At Friday’s football game versus Andrean, Zoe short took the win and was crowned Homecoming Queen. The following day, dance festivities took place in the MHS gym with the theme of An Evening in Paris.

What’s Coming Up?

It is not often that choir director Andrew Robinson finds himself keeping things from his students. Munster’s top choir, the Chorale, has been offered an abundance of musical opportunities this season, but Mr. Robinson saved the best surprise for last. On Tuesday September 18th, Mr. Robinson and school Principal Mike Wells were greeted with screams of excitement and tears of joy when Mr. Robinson announced chorales invitation to New York by none other than the group favorite composer Eric Whitacre. The group will perform at Carnegie Hall this April under the baton of Whitacre himself, along with two hundred other high schools from around the world. While in the city, the Chorale will also have the opportunity for some sight seeing, and to witness a Broadway production.

Keeping with the fine art trend, Munster Theatre Company kicks off its season with its fall show, A Most Curious Phenomenon. The show is a comedy about teens falling in love and the science behind the phenomenon. Per usual, the show is student directed. This year Joe Bellahcen, Andrew Wittkamp, Sydney Hamill, and Aubrey Rivera take on the roles of directors. Munster Theatre Company has often prided itself in student leadership, and the fall show is the perfect way for students to show off their leading skills. You can purchase tickets for the show at the door or online at munaud.org. The show opens October 4th and runs through October 7th.

Student Spotlight

“It is something I always wanted but never truly expected to get,” said Senior Zoe Short after winning Homecoming Queen. Getting on Munster’s court is always one thing, but winning is a huge accomplishment. The extensive process of the Senior class nominating and then the whole school voting goes on for almost a week and a half, and despite the nerves, Zoe was thankful and blessed to even have the opportunity.

“I never thought I fit in anywhere at school,” Zoe explains when asked about her reaction to the win. “At times, being a black girl at our school - you almost feel undesired when you achieve something. That is not say that the other beautiful girls who have won in the past did not deserve it, I just feel like this was a huge step towards more diversity at Munster.”

Zoe is only the second African American female in Munster’s history to win Homecoming Court, and as someone who is proud of their heritage, Zoe was more than ecstatic to accomplish the win.

“I feel extremely honored and humbled, and would especially like to thank the five other amazing girls. They truly made this an enjoyable experience, and I appreciate how much we were all able to uplift each other and come together as strong females of Munster.”

Teacher Spotlight

Amongst all the Homecoming chaos, Munster had seven new teachers to assimilate into the school this year. Most people would be taken aback by Munster’s festivities, but the fun times are all too familiar to new Science teacher Gabrielle Bruhn.

“I graduated from Munster in 2010, and gosh was I excited to come back!” Mrs. Bruhn commented upon her return to the familiar halls.

She attended Indiana University and had been an avid member of the swim team while attending Munster.

“Our swim team was super close. My fondest memories from my time as a student at Munster would probably have to be all the time we spent practicing and waking up before the sun to do so, or winning sectionals against grown point!" Bruhn said. "Senior year was amazing with all those girls!”

Not only was Mrs. Bruhn a sports lover, but she kept herself well versed in extracurriculars and clubs as well.

“I obviously swam all four years,” she said, “But I also made time to be in the top choir, Chorale, Project X, a couple of theatre shows, and German Club.”

Although she is used to the flow of Munster, there were some parts of her new role as teacher that had Mrs. Bruhn chuckling.

“The weirdest part about coming back to Munster is probably working with some of the teachers that taught me (and some even taught my father!”

Aside from the silly flashbacks down memory lane, Mrs. Bruhn remains excited. The energy and motivation she has felt in her classes so far makes a promising case for a good school year.