#1StudentNWI: Munster, Munster, read all about it!

#1StudentNWI: Munster, Munster, read all about it!
By: Aleena Mongerie Last Updated: November 26, 2019

Seven Munster High School students were chosen by D.A.R.E instructor and school resource officer James Ghrist to go back to their alma mater, Saint Thomas More, on November 18. The D.A.R.E Role Models spoke to the 5th grade students about how the D.A.R.E. program has impacted their life. Officer Ghrist has been instructing at Munster middle schools for several years. The alumni also spoke to the children about the different experiences they faced during high school and gave them tips on how to overcome them.

Students enjoyed the spooky season during the last week of October as they Trick or Treated, attended numerous Halloween parties and ate loads of candy. Since Halloween was on a Thursday, students had to go to school the next day sleep-deprived and sugar-rushed from the immense amount of fun (and candy) they had Halloween night.
Munster High School Students had Fall Break on November 4 and November 5. On November 5, many Munster students spent 12 hours of their day working the voting poles for early voters. Students were stationed in public facilities through Lake County.
Munster Girl’s Basketball had their home season opener tournament style on November 9. The Mustangs took on South Bend Riley and the La Porte Slicers, and won both match ups. The varsity team currently has an undefeated record, which is 4-0.

Unfortunately, fall sports such as soccer, football and cross country are coming to an end. However, winter sports including basketball, swimming, and wrestling are just beginning.

Throughout November, students have been working to buffer up their grades before finals week.

Student Spotlight:

​Erianna Sims is a senior at Munster High school.

“It’s honestly a representation of a beginning and end,” Sims said of her senior year. “I’m ending my high school career and stepping to a realm of new beginning.” 

For Sims, the college application process is just as stressful as everyone makes it out to be, although she began receiving letters of recommendation and applying for college much earlier than most students. The school at the top of her list is Loyola Marymount University in California, which she found out about through a woman she meet at a church conference. Sims would like to pursue a career in broadcast journalism and telecommunications.

“I am overwhelmed with joy just thinking about what my future could look like,” she said. “I trust in God, and with his help and guidance, I am certain that nothing but good is waiting for me in the future.”

Similarly to many students, Sims will spend Thanksgiving break with her beloved family as they reconnect and cherish the time they have with each other.

Teacher Spotlight:

​Judy DeYoung is a second year teacher at Munster High School, who currently teaches numerous science courses such as anatomy, biology, and human body systems. She has been teaching for approximately 36 years.

“I tell everyone that I have to keep pinching myself because I cannot believe that I am working here, and how extremely happy I am to work for such a great school system,” DeYoung said.

Previously, DeYoung taught at Morton High School, and since she is teaching the same courses she taught at Morton, her transition to Munster has been as smooth as butter. While it has been difficult for her to learn the new software programs such as Blackboard, other staff members have been by her side helping her adjust and learn how to work the different software programs. DeYoung’s favorite part about being a teacher is working with the students. DeYoung’s plans for Thanksgiving break are similar to most in the aspect of spending time with loved ones. She will visiting her brother and his family, eat lots of delicious food, and watch scary movies, which are her favorite!

What’s Coming Up:

​Munster High School’s winter sports are beginning to kick off the start of their season after many hours of preseason conditioning. With the beginning of a new season comes the beginning of a new semester, which is approaching as the end of the first semester creeps around the corner. Students are ecstatic for the upcoming Thanksgiving Break, which is from November 27 through December 1. This will give students time to rejuvenate themselves, since they have worked so diligently in the classroom. This time will be spent at home with loved ones giving thanks for all they have been blessed with, such as having no school for the next five days!

On December 2, students will return to school and begin the stressful process of preparing for final exams as they put a seal on the first semester of the 2019-2020 school year. Fortunately, after final exams students have winter break to relax and regroup before they have to return to school for the second semester. Winter break consists of a total of 17 days exempt from school, from December 21 through January 6.