#1StudentNWI: Munster Gears Up for the Holiday Season

#1StudentNWI: Munster Gears Up for the Holiday Season

What’s Happened?

As the fall sports season comes to an end, Munster athletes have been soaking in their final moments on the field and courts. There have been multiple notable moments in sports this year so far, some of the fall accomplishments including Seniors Zack Schmidt and Frank Wolf making the final four in Tennis State Doubles, Munster Volleyball being sectional champs and making regional semi-finals, and girls Cross Country ending their season 2nd place conference champs. Students now gear up for the off season as outside temperatures begin to fall, but that will not cease their ambition to strive for next years success.

What’s Coming Up?

1Student-Munster-Oct-2018-02Not only have sports been putting their all into competition, but Munster Theatre Company prepares for their Regional competition being held at Munster Auditorium Saturday, November 10th. The day will consist of six schools around the area competing to perform at the State Conference in January. Each school will put on a 30-45 minute show, often referred to as a “One Act.” The top two schools from each site advance.

Munsters’ High School Troupe will be performing “The Refugee Women,” a drama written by Don Zolidis following the lives of refugee women who tell their story through a play in the camp. Wilbur Wright Middle school will also be competing at the middle school level with their one act “I Never Saw Another Butterfly.” Regular show dates for the public will take place November 1st - 4th. Tickets are available at the door or online at munaud.org.

Student government has also been hard at work with preparation. As the holiday season approaches, Munster’s annual food drive has commenced. Paper turkeys have been hung up in the commons and will be decorated as each grade level donates more canned goods. The light competition has been a great incentive for Munster students to donate to others in need this season.

Student Spotlight

‘Tis the season for senior stress. November 1st marks the Common Application deadline for senior students planning on entering college for the fall 2019 semesters, and as if managing senior year homework and projects were not enough, students have been vigorously keeping up with these deadlines. Personal essays, emailing transcripts, taking the final SAT or ACT. All of these erratic motions have been taken by Senior Kayla Prowell, and she is relieved to see the process coming to an end.

“I am currently applying to eight different colleges with Biochemistry as my prefered major,” Kayla said as she begins her journey in striving for her ideal career: Cardiothoracic Surgeon. “I am in about seven AP classes, so it is extremely difficult to balance a school workload along with applications.”

On average, Kayla estimated she spends about five hours a night on her school work alone, and that being after all of her extracurriculars. As many students do, she often worries about the other stresses of college. As a high school Senior, you are not likely to think about expenses, transportation, supplies. But with a deadline like November 1st fast approaching, the worries are virtually inevitable.

However, there are some upsides to the chaotic application season.

“I can’t wait to find who I really am,” Kayla stated when asked about what excites her the most amidst all of this hard work. “Honestly, I think I am most looking forward to the freedom. You are not required to be somewhere all the time, and being exposed to new people and surroundings is bound to help me solidify myself as a person.”

Teacher Spotlight

1Student-Munster-Oct-2018-03With the constant hustle and bustle that fills the halls of Munster High School, it is no surprise when you run into a teacher who does a bit more than just teach. Ms. Beth Raspopovich knows the holiday season is an immensely busy time for students, but when she is not planning trigonometry lessons or filling students’ mind with Pre-Calc, she is also entering the off-season with her and her softball girls.

“Being prepared is very important to me,” Ms. Raspopovich said when asked about balancing teaching and coaching.

The math teacher played softball in highschool and college herself at DePaul University where she was an Academic All-American two years in a row and All Conference for three seasons. She came to Munster high school in 1991, and has been coaching every year since.

“I am always trying to encourage students and players to do their best, and be prepared for both practice and class.”

At this time of year, students and teacher alike must rely on their organization skills to handle hectic schedules, and this is no different for Ms. Ras and her team.

“Starting in December, we will have a few open gyms. But come January and February, we will have two open gyms a week and train an extra day.”

Just as studying outside of the classroom is important to passing a class, training in the off season is important to rounding out her players. Ms. Ras no longer plays softball, but she spends a lot of time coaching and making sure her girls are ready to play no matter the season.