#1StudentNWI: Love in the Air at Lake Central During February

#1StudentNWI: Love in the Air at Lake Central During February

School Pep Spirit
The month of February is highlighted by Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air and the colors red and pink are covering everything. The love is definitely in the air at Lake Central High School. The year began with the strength of school spirit within the student body being somewhat questioned, but those questions have been answered.

January closed out with a winter sports pep rally. Following the fall sports pep rally, administration was told by some students that they wanted a little more student involvement at the event, so administration gave them plenty of that. The winter pep rally was hosted by seniors Caleb Beasley and Douglas DeVries. After cracking a few jokes to lighten the mood, it was time to call acknowledge the teams. One by one the teams were called out and lined the sidelines and baselines of the basketball court as students applauded from the bleachers.

Next, the Westlake basketball team came out and took part in a basketball game which not only brought the student body to their feet, but also brought smiles to so many faces. After the game, students then took part in a Karaoke Contest they had voted for via the Lake Central News Twitter account. Each grade was assigned a song, and students sang along to help their grade win. There was no real debate, the seniors were the loudest.

The pep rally was closed with a students against faculty basketball game in which the students won by a slim margin of three points. Overall the hour-and-a-half event brightened up most student’s Tuesdays, and seemed to add a little more spirit.

Lake-Central-1Student-February-2017_02Sectionals Spirit
During Sectionals, school spirit was put into play for the girls basketball team. The Lady Indians began with a tough first round game against East Chicago. Dozens of students took the 30+ minute drive on a Wednesday night to Lowell to cheer on their girls to a hard-fought victory. After one of the most exciting games for Lake Central athletics this school year, the Lady Indians had an even tougher match-up against the girls from Gary West Side.

Despite an even bigger student body turn-out, the Lake Central girls were defeated with a final score of 61-50. Tears filled the eyes of the girls once the realization hit them that everything they had worked for was now over, but they had nothing to hang their heads about. The team brought in a new head coach for this season and had to not only learn how to play with him, but also learn how to win with him. Clearly they were able to do that, but there is still a lot of excitement as to what the team will continue to bring in future seasons.

Following the heartbreaking defeat, the Lowell athletics Twitter account posted a tweet that brightened up the spirit of the school. Six students took the time to stay after the entire student section left to clean up the mess made in the bleachers. The actions of those students set a great example as to the respect LC administration has constantly spent teaching students about. Certain things cannot be taught in textbooks.

Lake-Central-1Student-February-2017_03Welcome TribeTV!
Lake Central Television has spent the last few years putting together “TribeTV” which was a 10 minute show that was aired every few weeks. This semester, however, the LCTV staff has decided to take a different route. Now, there will be an episode aired each week which will include announcements, sports update and video feature pieces. So far the show has been a hit and has brought a sense of comic relief on Fridays for students who have had plenty of stress throughout the week.

Lake-Central-1Student-February-2017_04Lake Central Highlight
One highlight of January at Lake Central was the fundraiser for Vincent Bossi. As mentioned in a previous NWI Life article, senior class cabinet was able to raise over $700 for freshman Vincent Bossi who fights against common variable immune deficiency (CVID). Instead of attending school, Bossi has spent his freshman year at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

Just as the week of Monday, Jan. 23, wound down and it seemed as if the fundraiser would be over, another surprise came up. Minutes after informing the Bossi family about how much money was raised for them, the Interact Club decided that during the week of Feb. 6 they would sell roses to students with all proceeds going to the Bossi family as well.

Whether it be through school spirit or through donations, Lake Central has shown its love as the calendar flipped to February. The strong turnout at the girls basketball was easily the largest in recent history, and that being with games held at Lowell High School. The excitement at the winter sports pep rally along with the willingness of administration to listen to its students highlights what the school is all about and how if everyone performs as one unit plenty of goals can be reached.

The love shown for a student that has never actually attended the high school, but instead has only been supposed to attend, shows how Lake Central can at times be a family. This family is not just current or future students, but almost former alumni. Events at the school may be targeted to grab the attention of students, but it is more than just that. The entire tri-town area is always invited to come join the pride of their local high school and support the future of their community.