#1StudentNWI: Let the games begin at Chesterton High School

#1StudentNWI: Let the games begin at Chesterton High School

What's recently happened? 

August 19th, 2022- a considerable day for the Chesterton Trojans as they played against the Hobart Brickies, thus claiming victory in the first football game of the season. 

In the first quarter, Bryce Thoma scored the first Trojan touchdown of the year after an 85 yards pass play. 

Following the 85 yard touchdown pass, an additional pass made by the Brickies was intercepted by the Trojans at midfield. With 4.5 seconds remaining on the clock, the Trojans scored a rushing touchdown from the five yard line, increasing their lead by two touchdowns.

Concluding the first quarter, Chesterton headed the score of 14-0.

With the second quarter, the Trojans scored a touchdown, followed by a rushing touchdown. A fumbled snap after a punt within two minutes was recovered by Hobart at the two yard line. Hobart finished with a score rushing touchdown. At the end of quarter two, the score sat at 28-7.

“I expected to win. We’ve got a really great group of seniors and, you know, we all love them,” Junior Griffin Watkins said.

The halftime show displayed the talents in both the music and dance departments of Chesterton High School (CHS). The Trojan Guard put on a performance alongside the color guard, followed by a choreographed dance done by CHS’s dance team. 

In quarter three, Hobart passed for a touchdown with a 50+ yard pass. The Chesterton Trojans remained in the lead with the score now at 28-14.

By quarter four, the Chesterton Trojans continued to lead the scores at 35-14. After the completion of the final quarter, the Chesterton Trojans were victorious over the Hobart Brickies with a final score of 35-14. Both teams exerted great effort in the season’s first game. 

“It was a great feeling being out on the field and being able to come out and have an explosive first half, and then were able to take that momentum and slow down. We just came out on fire and everyone played as a team,” Senior Levi Wheeling said.

Concluding the first football game of the season, Chesterton claimed victory. An impressive presentation of fireworks sailed into the night sky on the field as the Trojans basked in triumph.

“We have an awesome group of kids both on offense and defense, really a nucleus of returning upperclassmen on the offense of the group and just a solid group of guys on defense that have just come back and really accepted their roles and responsibilities and just did a great job," Coach Mark Peterson said.

What's coming up?

With school back in session, students can begin to look forward to fun school-related activities and social gatherings. One upcoming event is homecoming.

The homecoming game is scheduled for Friday, September 23, where Chesterton will play against Portage. Following the game will be the homecoming parade after school. Following this, Saturday, September 24 will be the homecoming dance for students in grades none through 12.

The student government at CHS is coordinating spirit week for Monday through Friday. Wednesday, September 21 is planned for the block party. 

Staff Spotlight

Christopher Swickard is CHS's school resource officer (SRO). Holding the rank of sergeant, Swickard is a police officer with Chesterton’s police department (CPD). He is currently stationed at CHS and is beginning his eighth school year as the school’s SRO.

In addition to patrolling CHS, Swickard also teaches Intro to Law Enforcement and First Responders. This class allows students with an aspiration to study law enforcement decide if a career in the field is best suited for them. 

“In my 23 years at CPD this has been the best thing I’ve ever done. I get to work with kids and help them figure out problems both in school and outside of school,” Swickard said.

After working patrol as a police officer and being regularly exposed to adversity, Swickward decided it was time for a change. Once the SRO position was opened for the high school, he applied. When the chief notified him, explaining he had received the position, feelings of excitement and fear appeared. Excited for a chance at something new, yet frightened because no one else had sought after the role.

“What inspired me was my uncle. I will never forget the first time he came over in uniform and with his squad car. That was it I knew right then that I wanted to be an officer,” Swickard said.

 To anyone interested in a career in law enforcement, Swickard urges for others to do research. Contrary to television portrayals, law enforcement is not what it is represented as in pop culture. He suggests that those with a genuine interest in the field connect with local officers, engage in conversations with the officers, ask to accompany them on ride alongs, and that you have all of the accurate information before you begin. 

“In my opinion, it’s the greatest job you could ever have while at the same time it’s the absolute worst., so make sure it’s what you really want to do,” Swickard said.

Student Spotlight

Senior Saanya Agarwal is dedicated to making CHS a better place. She is actively involved in varsity debate, public forum, tennis, student government, Red Cross club, and the school newspaper, the Sandscript.

Having written for the Sandscript since her freshman year, Agarwal begins the school year by returning to her position as the co-editor-in-chief. She has been able to observe the developments made with the school newspaper over her high school career- a transition made from traditional paper newspaper copies to a modernized digital platform.

“I joined newspaper my freshman year and that’s when we were still in the printing process and doing all that instead of digitally, and so seeing that transition through my four years from printing the paper and delivering it to classrooms to now this digital version is really cool,” Agarwal said.

Inspiringly, Agarwal is well-versed in student clubs and extracurriculars. Since writing for the school paper, she has also participated in student government since her freshman year and is now the president of the organization. Furthermore, she also engages in varsity debate and public forum.

In addition to her numerous clubs, Agarwal started a Red Cross club last school year. She is the president of the club and has organized various events to benefit others, including blood drives, CPR certification and disaster relief.

“I love Chesterton High School. I think it’s provided me with so many amazing opportunities. I’ve made amazing relationships with so many different teachers and I know those are teachers that I will definitely come back to talk to and email and want to keep up with because that’s how amazing I think those people are.”