#1StudentNWI: Kouts Schools Dive Into the Holidays with Fundraisers and Performances

Staff Update: Ms. Hunsley Has Joined the Kouts Staff!

As the school year progresses, new and exciting changes accompany our path towards the holidays. Joining the East Porter County family is Miss Stephanie Hunsley, a young teacher taking over various Kouts’ math classes. Her expertise covers Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Probability, Statistics and AP Statistics. Going on her fifth year of teaching, she is excited to join Kouts High School team.

Ms. Hunsley shared experiences covering her current class and students, as well as at her previous school.

As a teacher at Valparaiso High School, she always expected her students to put forth an honest effort and ask for help and still does. She continues to engage with her students as often as possible as a way for students to better understand her lessons.

“I do my best to include games and activities, when possible, to make learning fun…”, Ms.Hunsley said.

Hunsley expressed what she is excited about this year.

“This year, I hope to make Kouts HS my home by getting to know the faculty and students. As an educator, I desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others.”

We all hope you consider Kouts your home soon, and we welcome you with open arms, Ms. Hunsley! Thank you!

Student Update:Mattress Fundraiser

When it comes to school events, it seems as if sports are always on the front page. However, the fine arts department make just as big of an impact as athletic activities do. More specifically, music and art facilitates students to express themselves in a positive way. Even though music can play an important role in a student’s life, the department usually lacks the funds to thrive. In response, most schools participate in fundraisers to support these programs.

Mister Chris Paulk, the owner of Custom Fundraising Solutions in Northwest Indiana, decided to put his time and effort into helping set up a unique fundraiser to help raise money for Kouts’ Music Department. The Mattress Fundraiser was created in 2006 in Cleveland, Ohio, and is now held in over 80 locations throughout the United States. In the past 2 ½ years, The Mattress Fundraiser has managed to raise over $300,000 to help schools.

Mr.Paulk spoke about what customers can expect after purchasing a mattress.

“They can expect to see an entire selection of over 30 mattresses, pillows, power adjustable bases and sheets. Plus we are aggressively priced to be well below a traditional mattress or big box furniture store,” Mr. Paulk said.

He shared when to expect the next Mattress Fundraiser at Kouts.

“We work with a school once per year. So that way we give the community time to recharge and also it becomes a date that a school and a community can look forward to. Kind of like the annual county fair becomes a annual tradition,” Mr.Paulk said. Please keep a look out for the next fundraiser and more information visit https://www.customfundraisingsolutions.com/

Upcoming Events: Christmas

Unfortunately, fall feels shorter and shorter every year, as the seasons go straight from sweltering, sunny weather, to pitch-black darkness at 4:30 in the afternoon alongside cold winds. For many though, the first few mornings of frost is a calling sign for many people’s favorite time of year: Christmas! Snow days, carols, and lit up pine trees seem like they are right around the corner. However, these cold, dim afternoons can dishearten people when they realize that Ole’ Saint Nick won’t be visiting for over a month! Luckily, the citizens of Kouts don’t have to wait! On December 1st and December 2nd, the town of Kouts will host it's 39th annual Christmas Open Tour. Participants receive a map from the town hall, and are able to travel around the town in search of homemade delicacies and other gifts to give to their loved ones. More information will be released closer to the date of the event, but make sure to mark your calendars! If you are interested in having your home added to the map for others to stop at, or if you are in need of more information, visit their website at http://koutsevents.com/, or, contact them at koutsevents@gmail.com.

What’s Happening?/What Happened? Kouts Choir and Band

On Wednesday, October 24th, the band and choir from Kouts, Morgan, and Washington High School performed together, kicking off Kouts’ music department’s first performance year! Young men and women from around the east Porter County area joined together at Washington High to perform songs. Some included a rendition of ‘You’ll Be Back’, from the the Broadway musical “Hamilton”, ‘Psallite Hodie’ by David Waggoner, and a unique United States military medley. After speaking with many students from various schools about their choir and band experiences, it’s safe to say that all who participated in these productions put tons of hard work into what they love.

This year's hard work so far was demonstrated through the talent that many parents had the privilege of witnessing. If you are interested in attending Kouts’ next concert to witness the outstanding performance yourself, it will be held on December 13th, with more information coming soon. Not only will the winter concert contain the fabulous Kouts High School band and choir, but it will also feature extremely talented individuals in the Kouts Jazz Band, as well as the charming men and women in Kouts Singers. Both groups branch out from the “ordinary” when it comes to song selection and production, keeping every performance unique. Kouts hopes to see you there!