#1StudentNWI: Homecoming month at East Chicago

#1StudentNWI: Homecoming month at East Chicago
By: Contributor Last Updated: September 29, 2022

What's recently happened?

This month has been busy for many students and staff with many homecoming festivities throughout East Chicago Central High School (EC).

The homecoming theme for this month was game time. All the grades have some time to brew ideas to decorate the first floor. Seniors decorated the commons with a MarioKart themed for the entire school to see, and everyone put a lot of time and effort into creating the area.

Juniors choose the game Jumanji, a simple but classic design.

Sophomores decorated the first floor entrance with Angry Bird themed, including blue balloons at the bottom with a makeshift slingshot, as well as floating pigs and birds.

Freshman decorated the bathroom area Candyland, a personal favorite childhood game for many.

However, even with everyone's designs, only one could be the winner, which was the freshman class. Many staff members agreed that the design was rather creative and eye-catching and thought the group should deserve the winning prize.

Spirit week started on September 12 and lasted until September 16, and the students brought their all.

Monday was bring anything but a backpack day; Tuesday was hero versus villain; Wednesday was dress to impress,; Thursday was meme day, and Friday was grade theme day. Seniors wore black, juniors blue, sophomores red, and freshmen wore white to match their grade's theme.

Voting for homecoming candidates closed on September 16 at noon. Homecoming royalties included the following:

Freshmen Princess Candidate: Jasmine Lott

Sophomore Princess Candidates: Shanari Taylor and Dakai West

Junior Princess Candidates: Elena Oblea

Senior Queen Candidates: Shanari Taylor, Dakai West, Arely Aguilar, Jasmine Bacon Carter, Victoria Cervantes, Angel Johnson, and Alexis Ridle

King Candidates: Dandre Brown, Rashawn Lewis, Julian Henderson, Jaime Nunez, and Dylan Wallace

Ms. Fall Candidates: Cierra Battle, Gisela Enriquez, Lizzie Mendoza, Keaya Smith, and Gabrielle Williams

Mr. Fall Candidates: Isidro Guadarrama Rea and Julius Murillo

Homecoming winners were then as follows:

Freshmen Princess: Jasmine Lott

Sophomore Princess: Shanari Taylor

Junior Princess: Elena Oblea

Homecoming Dutchess: Victoria Cervantes

Homecoming Princess: Arely Aguilar 

Homecoming Queen: Alexis Ridle

Homecoming King: Jaime Nunez 

Ms. Fall: Cierra Battle  

Mr. Fall: Julius Murillo 

Mr. Football: Dandre Brown

What’s coming up?

Attention Seniors!

If any seniors are interested in attending the East Chicago Central Trade Day during College Go Week next week, check your email and RSVP using the Google Links to an external site, sent out by Teacher Maren Lee.

There will be various trades, employers, and the military for seniors to come and visit. All students must RSVP by Tuesday, September 20 by the end of the day. Please see Lee or Teacher Danika Dawkins with any questions.

The Honor Club is hosting a blood drive. Students who are 16 only need permission slips that must be turned into Teacher David Lane in room A330 by Friday September 23. The event will take place Tuesday September 27, from 9:30 a.m.-1:45 p.m. Appointments can be made online at: https://tinyurl.com/5hdbk5ef or by scanning QR code that was given out to students.

A helpful tip when donating blood is to make sure to eat a healthy meal and drink plenty of water before donating. Some more tips for donating blood include to eat healthy food (no greasy food like pizza or hamburgers), and to get plenty of sleep.

There will be another e-learning day October 19, and fall break will be from October 20-21 which will give students and staff a total of five days off.

Staff spotlight:

Teacher Julia Kyriakides is an amazing teacher. She is fun and energetic and always brightens up the room when she walks in smiling. This is her third year teaching at EC and she has done an amazing job so far.

She did the Cadet Teaching program at her high school and has always loved working with kids which made her come to the conclusion that teaching was a natural fit for her. She attended University of Wisconsin-Scout. She teaches the Education Pathway, which includes Principles of Teaching, Child and Adolescent Development, and Education Professions.

Students in the the Career and Technical Education (CTE) department have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in 10 different pathways, and some can even earn certifications that makes them career ready upon graduation.

Student spotlight: 

Freshman Julissa Arredondo is such an amazing student, especially since this is her first year at EC.

She has a 3.2 gpa and has straight A’s. She is a golden student and finishes her work on time. Her favorite subject is English and she likes to play game in her free time.

Though many teachers don't notice her, she is a great student that deserves more than a spotlight. She tries not to let school stress her out, and its quietly and doesn't talk much in class which is a good thing for most teachers.

 Leaving middle school and joining high school was a big step for her, but that doesn't stop her from making new friends and enjoying this school year to the best of her ability.

"I hope this year I get to make new friends and get good grades," she said.