#1StudentNWI: Holidays and, Sports and Great People at River Forest High School

#1StudentNWI: Holidays and, Sports and Great People at River Forest High School
By: Carissa Cantu Last Updated: December 28, 2015

Band concert
The Christmas season started early for River Forest’s concert bands. On December 3rd, the band had their annual holiday concert. The beginning band showed much progress from their humble beginnings in September, playing a simple but sweet version of Jingle Bells. The high school band, outlined by poinsettias from a recent fundraiser, featured three-holiday medleys that filled the audience with the Christmas spirit. The jazz band played a swinging variation of Carol of the Bells, which included solos from all senior band students. The gym was nearly filled with fans eager to hear the holiday melodies. The concert was a musical way of saying, “It’s Christmastime at River Forest High”

Boys Basketball - The month of December might have low temperatures outside, but the basketball courts have been on fire for the Ingots. The Ingots started out the month of December with a game against South Central on the first. Though the Ingots lost with a close 55 to 54, the Ingots gave it their all till the final buzzer sound. December 5th featured the first December home game against Wheeler. The fan base was so full that it overflowed into the bleacher section usually reserved for the band. River Forest fought hard for the win, with the final score of 58 to 46. On December 9th, the Ingots played another home game against Hammond Clark, scoring another great win at 76 to 62. Though the next two games were losses against Marquette Catholic and Hobart, the Ingots reignited the winning flame by beating Whiting 55 to 54 on the 19th. The boys’ last December game is on the 26th against Morgan Township. With their great teamwork, exceptional coaches, and competitive spirits, the boys are definitely ready to end the month of December with another great win.

Girls basketball- Not to be outshone by the boys basketball team, the Lady Ingots have also been doing exceptionally well this December. On December 4th, the Lady Ingots played and lost to Marquette with 59 to 41. This early loss didn’t phase the girls one bit. Four days later, the Ingots beat Calumet 59 to 41 - ironically the same score as their last lost. On December 10th, the girls beat Westville 65 to 48, and then on the 12th, beat Whiting 56 to 38. On December 16th, the Ingots lost to Lacrosse at 50 to 48. On December 18th, the girls played and won against long-time rival Lake Station with an outstanding 54 to 34. Playing Hammond Clark on the 21st and then hosting a holiday tournament on the 30th, the girls basketball team is determined to end the month of December on a note as solid as their own steel Ingot mascot.

Teacher Shout Out
Mrs. Stobie is the quiet and quirky freshman English teacher at River Forest. Though diminutive in stature, Stobie is tall with many stories of travel, great books, and the occasional humorous family moment. No other teacher at River Forest could entertain a class of easily-distracted freshmen with a story about being unable to clean a toilet due to being heavily pregnant at the time.

Mrs. Stobie attended her first year of college at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi. Then, Stobie transferred to Marshall University in Huntington, WV. She graduated from Marshall with a BA in English Literature. Upon her later decision to become a teacher, Stobie attended IUN for her education coursework.

Great change often is the product of great thought. Mrs. Stobie’s decision to be a teacher was the product of “a long, incremental change of heart that looking back feels like my whole education in and out of school was leading up to.”

Stobie has carried a love for books and language since her parents began reading them to her.

“There really is some kind of magic in how stories are created from patterns of words and can connect humans across centuries and around the world,” says Stobie.

If you add the love of literature to the great teachers Stobie has been lucky to have, the pieces of the puzzle finally were put together.

“I went from wanting to be a librarian who protected books and knowledge to realizing that without education, that would almost be meaningless,” says Stobie.

Mrs. Stobie can’t pick just one part that she considers to be the greatest part about teaching. Like many teachers, Stobie likes when she can help a student have a learning epiphany, but also loves when students tell her how much they loved something they read.

“I have grand ambitions of helping my students become more open-minded, empathetic, and discerning human beings in some small way by being part of my classroom,” says Mrs. Stobie, smiling.

When asked what she does in her free time, Stobie admits that as a full-time English teacher and a mom to three boys ages six and under, finding free time is like “finding a mythical unicorn.” However, when she can find it, Stobie loves to read books, poetry, and comics, play video games, knit things in long rectangular shapes, and “spend too much time on Pinterest or other corners of the Internet.”

Student Shout Out
Bella Storey is a sophomore at River Forest. Known in both the academic and athletic crowds, Bella is well-known and widely loved Ingot at her high school. Those who don’t know her from school might recognize her from her published poetry about the Rwandan genocide on a popular internet genocide awareness forum. There is no doubt about it when we say Bella is a well-rounded, fantastic example of Ingot success.

In school, Bella is involved with several activities. She is currently between her favorite sports’ seasons- track and cross country. However, Bella is keeping busy in that down time: she is a member of the academic team. This includes spell bowl, super bowl, and decathlon.

“Though decathlon is without a doubt the hardest competition, it is the most enjoyable one for me,” says Bella. Bella will also be partaking in a student Youth & Government event set up by Indiana YMCAs in February of 2016.

When she isn't in school, Bella enjoys writing- poems and short stories, playing football, and soccer with her family. Art is yet another hobby Bella has attained. Her most used, and favorite, medium would be paint- either watercolor or acrylic.

Among her other accomplishments, Bella took 5th in the region in the National French Test in 2014. At the latest decathlon competition, Bella received 913.3 out of 1000 points on her speech, an outstanding accomplishment that resulted in her taking first place in speech.

“I don't have a clue yet what college I'd like to hopefully pursue. I do plan on doing some college scouting soon though,” says Bella, regarding her plans after graduation. “I believe I'd like to be somewhere in the medical or chemistry field, but I haven't decided on what particular career option I'd like to pursue yet.”

This great student will go great places, no matter what path she chooses to take.

Upcoming Events
December 18th- First day of Winter Break
December 21st- Girls Basketball game at Hammond Clark
December 26th- Boys Basketball game at Morgan Township
December 30th- Girls basketball holiday tournament on the 30th
January 2nd- Boys Basketball game against Boone Grove at home