#1StudentNWI: Hobart High School seniors are ready to sign

#1StudentNWI: Hobart High School seniors are ready to sign

What’s recently happened?

It has been a great month for Hobart High School (HHS) athletics! Senior athletes are beginning to sign onto the next chapter of their lives. 

 Senior Jackson Ray signed with Wabash College to continue both his academic and football career. Throughout high school, Ray had been an active member within HHS. On the field, he played offensive tackle. Ray even received a four-year Army ROTC scholarship. 

“A school like Wabash is going to give me the skills not only to succeed as a student but also as a football player and cadet,” said Ray. 

Senior Jesse Neace signed with Calumet College of St. Joseph to continue her education and basketball career. Neace faced many challenges this past year due to injury, but her perseverance did not stop there. After all her hard work and dedication throughout the past four years, she will proceed to shine on the court. 

“I am so grateful I still have the opportunity to play at the next level and get back into doing what I love, which is playing basketball,” said Neace. 

As for current sports, HHS Track and Field’s season is starting up, and what better way to kick off the season than some friendly competition? The Intra-Squad Purple and Gold meet was held last week in the field house. Players were split up into two teams in a draft pick style. Senior Cailey Weber and Junior Willy Shearer led the Purple team to a victory of 189-182. 

“This was a wonderful way to have runners get their nerves out before the season. It also allowed for parents and fans of the students to come support the team,” said Track and Field Coach Harley Teer. 

What’s coming up?

HHS is coming up to its spring break, set to take place from March 24 to March 30. 

Spring break provides both students and teachers a much-needed break from the stress of school and allows them to return refreshed and rejuvenated. Many students will take this time to travel; others can pursue hobbies or activities they may not have time to do during the school day. 

“With my time off, I plan to catch up with some friends while also taking some time to get myself prepared for the fourth quarter,” said Sophomore Alexis Rachau. 

Furthermore, upperclassmen can start looking forward to HHS’s 2024 prom. Prom will take place on Saturday, May 11 at St. Elijah’s Banquet Hall. Dinner will be provided and served buffet style. 

The Student Council’s junior class has taken it upon themselves to create a magical night for all who attend. The theme for the evening is “Tangled.”

“We have been working very hard to create an atmosphere the students won’t forget,” said Junior Class President Kayla Davis. 

Tickets will cost $60 per person, which includes dinner. Tickets will go on sale after spring break and are set to sell quickly. Students are allowed to bring guests from other schools as long as the student is a current junior or senior. HHS sophomores can attend with a student of the junior or senior class.     

 Staff spotlight:

Eric Schreiber Jr. will be stepping in as HHS’s new head football coach. 

Schreiber began his football career from a young age with the help of his father who was also a long-time coach. Out of high school, Schieber was recruited by a handful of D2 schools and collegiate programs. He ended up deciding to play his first semester at Anderson University to follow his wife. At Anderson, he played for an entire season as a quarterback and received four scout team player of the week. As a freshman, he played two Junior Varsity games. 

Schreiber decided to finish his education at Purdue University and even started to pursue his coaching career. He assisted his father at George Rogers Clark High School in Hammond for three seasons. This is also what sparked him to get his degree in education. 

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid growing up and watching my dad,” said Schreiber. 

Schreiber recently had the opportunity to take over as HHS Football head coach, something he has always dreamt of doing. HHS Football is a very historic program that is an important part of the city’s culture. Schreiber also notes that everyone is putting in the work to create a healthy and strong team while creating plenty of opportunities for the players. His goal is to not only create great players but also develop their leadership and character skills in their daily lives. 

“That’s why you coach. Obviously, you want to win games and win championships, but a big part of the process is watching your team develop, especially as freshmen to seniors,” said Schreiber. 

During the football season, Schreiber is always busy with both practices and games. Any free time he may have is spent with his children and wife. Family has always been important to him, so they use this time to either play outside or attend his life group at church. 

Student spotlight:

Willy Shearer is a current junior at HHS and has always been passionate when it comes to sports, especially football, which he began playing at the age of 5. 

As he endures his varsity journey as a running back and safety, his dedication to the game shines through. During this past season, HHS faced Andrean High School (AHS) for both of its Homecoming games. A challenging moment was faced in the third quarter when AHS took the lead with 17-14. However, Shearer’s performance in the game’s final moments, including a crucial score that capped a 13-0 Hobart run, led to a 27-24 victory for HHS. 

 “A game like that is something we’ll never forget,” said Shearer.

His athletic ability doesn’t stop on the field; Shearer also excels in track and field. Last season, he ran alongside Juniors Carson Bell, Ryan Mettel, and Jonny Sorensen who were State-bound for the IHSAA State Track and Field tournament. During Regionals, this 4x4 team raced to one of the season’s best performances, securing the Regional runner-up position and punching their ticket to the state tournament.

“I was only a sophomore at the time, so being able to go to State with my teammates was pretty great,” said Shearer. 

At State, the boys ranked 24 out of 27 teams. They placed second in their section and finished 16 overall, achieving a season-best time of 3:25.01.

Shearer also excels academically, maintaining a GPA over 4.0 while taking a challenging course load that includes both honors and AP classes. He was recently accepted into the National Honor Society where he will contribute his leadership skills and dedication. He is also beginning to receive offers from colleges throughout the state. 

“It’s a large amount of stress lifted off your shoulders once you get that first offer that you’ve dreamt of your whole life. I’m also beyond grateful for the excellent coaches and teammates at HHS that constantly push me to be my very best both academically and in athletics. Being a part of Hobart is the greatest thing one could do,” said Shearer.