#1StudentNWI: Hobart Heads Back to School

#1StudentNWI: Hobart Heads Back to School

What has Happened

With school being just around the corner, kids everywhere are registering for classes and figuring out just where their lockers are. On the week of July 6th, high schoolers around Hobart came in at 9 o’clock to finally figure out if they have the same classes as all of their friends.

An organization of High Schoolers run by the Assistant Principal Mr. Rodriguez, called Brickie Leaders, help Freshmen get adjusted to their new environment and make new friends with upperclassmen all while learning where their classes are and how the school works. This program also has students give tours to the brand new students on their registration day. Registration can be a scary part of any students life, especially when they are going to a new building that is bigger than the last building they were at. That is another reason why this program helps with all students, not just new students. If anyone is lost in this building or if anyone has any questions they can come and ask the Brickie Leaders, they are not afraid to answer any questions that students may think are stupid, they live by a “No question is stupid” philosophy. No matter your age, grade, or circumstance you can always find a High Schooler in a bright, neon yellow t-shirt who is happy to help with any problem you may have, no matter how big or how small.

What is Coming Up

August 16th is this year's 27th annual Lakefront Festival in Hobart. Every year this festival proudly presents the Dam Duck Race, in which people can by rubber ducks that they can race towards the Hobart Dam. People can do whatever they like with that duck, whether it be drawing on it or dressing it up or just leaving it plain. During this event, people from all over town proudly show off their Hobart Pride while different activities take place for all ages to enjoy. The different activities provided include live entertainment, where local bands can sign up to play a couple of their songs; an area in which kids can enjoy various activities, such as bounce houses, face paint, a playground, and much more. There will also be a craft section in the park where people will sell products that they have made, such as bracelets, necklaces, sweaters, purses, and other things. People will also have the opportunity to learn how to make these type of crafts in certain sections of that area. Food vendors are also available so that attendees can make this festival an all day event!

Student Spotlight

When it comes to variety, Adam Barney has it. Adam is a sophomore at Hobart High School and is involved with a nice mixture of activities that don’t ordinally mix well. Adam has been involved with football for five years and has had a blast during it. Although he doesn’t have time to be a part of it next year, he wishes he could.

Apart from football, Adam is also involved with Hobart’s Performing Arts Program. Theatre and football always have overlapping schedules, so working with a huge production and also going to practice and keeping up a good grade point average is a lot to juggle. Adam manages to do both, though. He started Theatre his freshman year with the Children’s Show production of Aladdin Jr. and played the role of the Guard Razual. His first appearance on stage, however, was at Hobart’s Talent Show his 8th grade year as the MC. He also appeared in the Heroes Vs Villains Dance Battle that theatre performed at last year’s Talent Show.

Adam also participates in the Hobart High School Chess Club whenever he has time in between juggling his theatre, football, and academic life, and really enjoys spending time with all of his friends. Adam is looking forward to his next few years of his high school career and wishes all the new students luck in figuring out their new high school life.

Teacher Spotlight

Thearse Dietrich, or as her students call her, Dietrich, is a favorite teacher of students for so many reasons, the top being that she is an amazing teacher. Dietrich is currently a cosponsor of two new clubs, one being GASP. GASP (Gay and Straight Peers) is the newest club at the high school that students started. It's goal is to encourage positive conversations between both gay and straight students. She is also the current cosponsor of the Slam Poetry Club which won a competition last year.

Dietrich’s main job outside of her teacher duties, is as the assistant director of the theatre program. She spends a great deal of her time around the theatre helping out wherever she can. The theatre department would not be able to survive without her. Dietrich also is very welcoming towards Freshmen. She doesn’t teach freshman classes because she teaches dual credit english classes for the upperclassmen, but if any freshmen needed help she is more then willing to answer their questions or walk them to their class. Transitions are a very hard thing for people to go through, especially younger teens, and Dietrich realizes this. Because of this, she tries very hard to help everyone she can.