#1StudentNWI: Highland January Update

#1StudentNWI: Highland January Update
By: Tyler Prendergast Last Updated: January 11, 2020

Student Spotlight: Danielle Rubalcaba

The new year is full of opportunities for Highland High School Junior Danielle Rubalcaba, who is a Track and Field athlete.

Rubalcaba, who is a thrower, is ready to get started with the new season.

“I’m hoping to be at my best this season, and enjoy it too.”

This is Danielle’s second season on the Track and Field team.

“I started track last year, and it was a great experience. I really wish I had started sooner during my freshman year!”

Danielle knows that working hard at practice is an important aspect of succeeding on the field. 

“I participate in both shot put and discus and I work hard so I can succeed in both events.”

Although she looks forward to being on the field and competing, she also likes to spend time improving. 

“I enjoy training because I get to lift during conditioning and practice my form before the season starts.”  

Being part of the team is a big responsibility, but Rubalcaba embraces it. 

“I have practice almost every day, so being in track is time-consuming, but it’s worth it. It also helps me develop a good work ethic.”

Danielle also knows that being on the team isn’t a one-woman show. 

“Being in track and being a part of a team is beneficial to myself and my fellow teammates as we develop and grow together. We are able to cheer each other on and support one another.”

As a member of the team, Danielle is able to see all of the great things that come from it. 

“Being in track has been very beneficial as it’s a great way for me to challenge myself, but more importantly, I gained some great friends.”

As the season continues, it seems certain that Rubalcaba will improve on herself, as well as help her team get better. 

The first competitive meet will be on Mar. 7.

What’s Happened Recently: A New Semester

It’s a brand new semester at Highland High School when classes resumed on Jan. 6 after the new year.

Although it’s still January, spring sports are on the horizon. Baseball, Softball, Boys’ Golf, Tennis, and Track and Field athletes are getting ready for their upcoming athletic seasons, as well as beginning conditioning.

Winter sports will also continue and finish up their seasons within the new year, giving Highland students plenty of different athletic teams to root for during this semester. 

What’s Coming Up: Turnabout Dance

Highland High School’s winter Turnabout dance is coming up soon!

The dance will be held at Villa Cesare, a banquet hall in Schererville, and all Highland students are invited to attend.

The dance will be on Dec. 17 and will be three hours long. It will start at 7:00 p.m. and last until 10:00 p.m. 

There will also be a spirit week later on in January! This week will allow students to dress up as a different theme for each day. 

With the dance quickly approaching, it gives Highland students something to look forward to as they ease back into another semester of learning.