#1StudentNWI: Gymnastics and business at Hobart High School

#1StudentNWI: Gymnastics and business at Hobart High School
By: Katy Webber Last Updated: January 16, 2020

Hobart Gymnastics 

When it comes to athletics there are always the sports people immediately think of, such as football and soccer. Few people think immediately of gymnastics. Gymnastics is an athletic activity in which the people involved work very hard in for the same reasons that football players and baseball players work hard: because they love the sport. Gymnasts love the endurance that it takes to be a part of this team, and they love getting to exercise and make the work look pretty in the process. 

The gymnasts of Hobart High School are having a Chick fil-a drive Tuesday, January 21 to raise money for their team. This event will take place from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. at the Merrillville Chick fil-a location. The girls of the team hope to raise enough money to make this year’s season one for the books.

Business Professionals of America

New clubs come into high schools all the time, but new clubs taking off and actually staying around are rare and can be considered slim to none. The newest club to lay down roots here at Hobart High School is the brand new Business Professionals of America, which is essentially for people who are interested in pursuing business. This club had its first ever meeting on Tuesday, January 14 directly after school in room 1314, and will take place again on January 28.

The kickoff meeting of 2020 started with setting goals for the New Year and learning how to actually achieve those goals. If students are interested in digital communication and design, management, marketing, communication, virtual multimedia, web and mobile application, start up enterprise, finance/accounting, business administration, or management information systems, they are encouraged to join.

Teacher Spotlight

When it comes to business management, Valentine Torres is the best teacher around, or at least that’s what her students say. Torres is no stranger to Hobart High School—she’s been here for a few years and has loved every second of it. She loves being able to teach her students about the skill that she is passionate about: business.

Recently, Torres has seen the number of people who are interested in business grow tremendously, so she decided to start a brand new club, hopefully one that will attract the attention of people who are considering going into this field. 

Torres is now the head of the Business Professionals of America club, where students who are interested in any of the major aspects of business can get the chance to expand their knowledge and skills to better their future. Students involved also have the chance to meet new people who have a similar hobby to them and find the business world just as fascinating. Torres is very excited to see where this club leads the new generation of business managers. 

Student Spotlight

When it comes to all around good people, Iyanna Steele is one of the best. Many agree and say that just seeing Steele smile at them in the hallway or wave at them from across the cafeteria makes their days better. She loves making people smile and feel better about themselves, and she always has. She can be described as selfless to the core and the sweetest person in the world.

Of course, there is more to Steele than just her amazing personality. She is involved in Hobart High School’s theatre department and has been for three years now. She started theatre during her sophomore year, performing in The Wizard of Oz as an ensemble member. She loved the experience of theatre so much that she decided to audition for the spring play, You Can’t Take it With You and got her first supporting role of Essie. She decided to stick with theatre for the entirety of her high school career. She especially loves the choreography aspect of it. 

Steele said the reason she loves the choreography of theatre so much steams from her background in gymnastics. She has been in gymnastics for most of her life and is currently a part of the gymnastics team at Hobart High School. Steele hopes to continue with her love of gymnastics and theatre,  and wishes everyone luck in the future.