#1StudentNWI: Graduation at Hobart High and Farmers Market

#1StudentNWI: Graduation at Hobart High and Farmers Market
By: Katy Webber Last Updated: June 24, 2019

Student spotlight: Cora Moyers

The class of 2019 has recently graduated and are now Hobart High School alumni. One specific new Hobart alumna, Cora Moyers, has done a lot during her time at Hobart High, and she is very proud of all of her accomplishments. She is also very proud to be attending Michigan Tech University in the fall to pursue her love for sound design and all things technological.

Moyers found her love for all things audio in her early years of high school when she decided to join theater. She didn’t feel comfortable going onstage, so she decided to try crew. Eventually, she worked her way up to being the sole sound technician for all on-stage events. Over the years, she has worked closely with her best friend Cass Ryder and her mentor Chris Conner to teach younger students. She loved being able to pass down all that she loved to the younger generation of theatre and hopes that things stay amazing while she is away at college.

Being a part of tech crew is a huge commitment but Moyers loves what she does. When agreeing to be the sound designer for theatre productions and learning the sound board, Moyers also agreed to design all sound cues and be a part of everything that happens on the stage needing sound. Whether working on a theatre production, band concert, or even kindergarten graduation, she is up in that tech balcony with her crew.

Teacher Spotlight : Chris Conner

Whether it be a basketball game, choir concert, or even graduation at Hobart High, you can bet that Chris Conner from maintenance is somewhere nearby fixing something. Conner is a behind-the-scenes type of person who can fix just about anything, who he can be anywhere at any given time. He even helps with things that don’t have anything to do with him. No matter how small the problem may be, you can bet that Conner has probably already fixed it.

But Conner definitely does not do this alone. He has a team of high school students that met him during theatre, but decided to stick around because they enjoy what they are doing and who they are doing it with. He definitely enjoys the help with behind the scenes things though.

Conner may not be a teacher at the high school, but he is still just as vital to the education process of students. He is in charge of making sure everything in the school works, from Chromebooks to the lights.

What’s happened: Graduation

Administration tells every incoming freshman that the four years until graduation really fly by. Of course, no incoming freshmen believes that to be true. Once they reach graduation day, however, they agree. This particular group of graduates agrees that being in high school was a lot of fun. There were laughs and tears but all in all, the newest alumni of Hobart High School enjoyed their time and are eagerly awaiting their next chapter in life.

Graduation day was on the last day of school. Seniors did not have to go to school, but they did have to show up to practice for graduation. On the day of graduation it was supposed to rain so they were planning to hold the ceremony inside. As the weather started to look up they quickly had to change everything to outside to accommodate more family members.

A few beloved teachers and students gave speeches to the graduates and some of them brought the audience to tears. As Mrs. Polizotto spoke about how she viewed every single student as her children, the graduates had to fight back tears. Graduation was a great time, especially since the weather held up.

Event : SLYCE farmers market

A fun tradition that happens during the summer in Hobart is a farmers market every Thursday in Festival Park. This Thursday though, another farmers market took place to raise money for the Save the Dunes project, completely run by volunteers from a club called SLYCE, an exclusive club.

The club comprises a six-month class and every session had a different speaker who talked about the importance of leadership and how to become a better leader in general. More importantly, this class’ goal was to fund a project to raise money for the dunes. They decided to do a farmers market and the turnout was fantastic. They raised $400 for the cause.

Save the Dunes was thankful for the donation. They are a nonprofit organization with a mission to protect, preserve, and restore the Indiana dunes and other natural resources around Northwest Indiana.