#1StudentNWI: Gavit High School Acknowledges the Best of Students and Teachers

#1StudentNWI: Gavit High School Acknowledges the Best of Students and Teachers

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Arroyo-Kearney

Mrs. Arroyo-Kearney has been teaching at Gavit High School for four years. Initially, Arroyo did not intend on becoming a teacher. Instead, her original plan was to major in exercise science. Nonetheless, Arroyo found herself changing her major to education.

“I didn't intend to teach, I think the career chose me. I've always loved helping people. When I was in my sorority, my roles were very teacher based. I liked to educate the new members. This was very fitting when I decided to change my major,” shared Arroyo.

Arroyo is also the Blueprint teacher at Gavit. The Blueprint Program helps high school seniors throughout the college application process. After hearing about the program that was being piloted at Hammond High School, Arroyo decided to bring it to Gavit. Arroyo wanted to help seniors to pursue a higher education, especially first-generation students.

“It's important that students are equipped and ready to take on a post-secondary education. There are a lot of physical, mental, and social obstacles students will face. Setting our students up for the reality of a different setting instead of having them dive into it on their own is very important,” stated Arroyo.

For Arroyo, student-teacher relationships are important. Finding ways to relate with her students allows Arroyo to create more impactful relationships. Arroyo wants her students to know that their stories matter. She doesn't want her students to compare their stories and successes to others. Arroyo shares this inspiring insight, stating, “You are your own story. Never compare your successes with the successes of others.”

Arroyo hopes that the Blueprint Program becomes a requirement for those who wish to pursue a higher education. She hopes that middle-school students see the Blueprint Program and aspire to be a part of it.

Student Spotlight: Chloe Flanagan

Chloe Flanagan is a senior at Gavit High School and is both a National Merit Commended Student and an Honors AP Scholar. Her hard work and success in academics have led her to win the Legacy Foundation’s Lilly Endowment Scholarship.

Flanagan shares, “The moment that I found out I had received the scholarship was so incredible. I was in complete shock and disbelief, so much so that my hands were shaking so badly that I dropped my binder as I stood up from my seat to receive it. All I could do in that moment was thank God for everything.”

Flanagan wishes to use her Lilly Endowment Scholarship to pursue a post-secondary education. Although she does not know which university she will attend, Flanagan knows that she wants to pursue a double-major in biochemistry and science education. With these majors, Flanagan will choose a career with medical research or education.

“I love biology and chemistry, so the major in biochemistry was an easy choice for me. I am constantly enthralled by the complexity of life and how it behaves, and I love that it is something that I will always be able to learn more about. My teachers are the reason I am interested in the education major,” stated Flanagan.

Faith is Flanagan's main inspiration to succeed. Flanagan is a devout Christian and dedicates her life to her faith: “Nothing inspires me more than my faith. I am a Christian, and I believe that if Jesus was willing to sacrifice His life for me, that the least I can do in return is dedicate my life to Him and to serving others in His name.”

Flanagan’s advice to students is as follows: “A big part of success is having your priorities straight. If you know which parts of your life are most important to you, you can take the right steps to make sure you find success in those areas.”

Good luck to Chloe Flanagan as she begins this next amazing chapter in her life!

What’s Happening?

The beginning of winter also signifies the start of basketball, swimming, and wrestling season for Gavit’s student athletes. On Wednesday, December 5, the Gladiator Wrestling Team celebrated their seniors at their home meet against Fair Haven Christian Academy. The seniors, accompanied by friends, families, and coaches, were recognized for their outstanding work, dedication, and leadership.

Although we lost the meet, there were many wrestlers who won their respective matches. Robbie Musgraves (freshman), Alex Dominguez (sophomore), and Juan Simpson (junior) were among the Gladiator wrestlers who won their matches. Good luck to the Gladiator Wrestling Team as they continue their season!

What’s Coming Up?

The week before Christmas is a time for preparation. Gifts are being bought, lights are being hung, and trees are being assembled. At Gavit High School, the week before Christmas is a preparation for something else: finals week. The end of the semester is here for students, and every student is studying to ensure that they pass their finals.

After finals week is over, the students and staff will enjoy a well-deserved winter break. After break, the new semester, as well as the countdown to summer break, begins. Good luck to all Gavit students as they finish the semester and their finals!