#1StudentNWI: Fundraisers at Hobart High School

#1StudentNWI: Fundraisers at Hobart High School

Student Spotlight: Audree Vann

If you’re looking for a star student the one to talk to is Audree Vann. Audree is a junior at Hobart High School who is involved with a lot of different events at school. Audree is involved with so many after school activities that it is hard to keep track. Audree is involved with theatre, Key Club, Brickie Leaders, DECA, Brickie Ambassadors, FCA, and French Club. She also took leadership roles upon herself for theatre, in which she is the secretary. This is a very stressful job by itself, yet she manages to do it, along with her other clubs, with ease. As secretary, her job is to take notes for the President and Vice President during meetings, write thank you notes to the people involved with the shows, and help ease people's minds during tech week. Besides being the secretary, she is also in the show as an ensemble member. For that she learns dances and songs and takes small lines for the show. She is also the prop mistress, that is basically a person who gathers and makes all of the props for the show and puts them in their proper place.

One of the other activities that Audree is involved in is Key Club. In Key Club she is a member who helps out with service projects. Her favorite project that she is involved in is the Teacher Appreciation Week project. During this week Key Club members do a special surprise for their favorite teachers such as giving them a cute gift or a nice letter. She is also involved with the Hailey-ween dance by helping to run certain games and setting up and tearing down the dance. Another fundraiser that she is involved with is the Jelly Drive. During this time she is a community chair member alongside four other members of the club. She helps collect the jelly, jam, bread, and peanut butter and gives them to the Early Learning Center children.

Audree really enjoys being apart of the community with the clubs that she is in and the community service that she does. She would advise her fellow students to join a club or a sport or something that truly makes them apart of this community. Some of Audrees best friends were made during clubs and she wants everyone to have the same opportunity that she had. Sometimes being involved with so many clubs is stressful but the stress is well worth the effort. Her proudest moment is being involved with theatre. Seeing a show come together after all of the hard work that everyone put in is something truly amazing and she really loves being apart of it. Everyone works very hard in theatre to learn their part.

Audree is not only very involved with her school in the after school type of way, she is also involved with school during school hours. Audree has taken French since eighth grade and plans on taking it again next year and into college. She loves the language and the friends she has made during this activity. Another piece of advice that she would give would be to take the language that you’re interested in, even if everyone else says that it isn’t the right language to learn.

Despite being involved with so many activities, Audree still manages to have a 4.0 GPA. She spends every spare second studying for upcoming tests and quizzes and does every assignment to the best of her ability. She tries so hard with everything that she does. Audree Vann is the perfect model student for High School students everywhere.

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Polizotto

Heidi Polizotto is a wonderful teacher who cares a tremendous amount about her students and would do anything to insure that they were doing their absolute best. She is the type of teacher that genuinely cares about how everyone is doing and is a great person to come to when students just need to talk to an adult. She is very caring, not only to her students, but to her community. Polizotto is very involved with her community tries to help in any way she can.

Mrs. Polizotto is the French and German teacher at the High School. She teaches every french class at the school and loves when she can see the students learn the language that she loves. She also teaches German to the first year german students. Although teaching this subject is still fairly new to her, she enjoys the new challenge. She is not the only german teacher in the building but still has a lot on her plate. Polizotto is the only German One teacher and has the prepares students for future years in German. As a language teacher she is very happy with how her classes turn out every year and is proud to see her students speaking the language and showing off their new skills to their friends.

Aside from teaching languages to high school students, Mrs. Polizotto is also involved with some after school activities. Polizotto is the head of the Key Club organization and that takes up a lot of her time. This club is almost entirely student run but she has to do all of the heavy lifting behind it. She sets up the fundraisers that the students choose, she makes connections with people in the community, and she tries her hardest to give back to every single person she can.

Polizotto is also in charge of French Club. This is a club that she started at the high school in which French students can come together and learn more about France, watch French movies, and eat French food. Everyone involved with this club has a blast learning more about the language that they chose to learn how to speak. Once you have completed the French course you are still able to be part of the club even if you are not in French class.

Polizotto truly cares about every single one of her students as if they were her own children. Her students confide in her and ask for advice as if she was their own mother. She could be described as the school mom; always there whenever you need her, caring and considerate. She even shows up to her student's games and plays if they ask her to. She knows that some students are not lucky enough to have a mother in their life so she tries her hardest to be there like a mother would. She is a very busy person with all of the activities that she is a part of, but she would never miss a band concert if you asked her to be there.

Key Club Fundraiser

Hobart High School’s Key Club is sponsoring their annual fundraiser. Key Club is a volunteer club that students all around the country participate in in order to give back to their community. Key Club is such a great opportunity for students who don’t know how to give back to their city as it offers an opportunity to volunteer. Key Club is also a national organization in which you can participate in anywhere in the Country. Everyone is welcome and the more the merrier.

This month Key Club is sponsoring their annual Jelly Drive. This is a school competition for every first hour to collect jars of jelly or jam for Key Club to give to hungry Kindergarteners. Some students in the Early Learning Center live in food insecure households and may not be able to look forward to more than a school lunch. When Key Club found out about this they decided they needed to help. From that they created a school wide competition. The first hour with the most jars of jelly wins the competition with a nice prize of a class wide donut party fully funded by Key Club. The minimum amount of jars of jelly that a class can have to win is twenty five.

Key Club hosts this event every year to kick off the fundraisers. This is a competition that goes across all of the schools in the district. Certain schools are in charge of different aspects of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to fundraise for the Early Learning Center. Some schools run a drive forpeanut butter, while others handle jelly or jam, crackers, and bread. Every school does this event every year because it is a great way to give back to the town. These hungry children will eventually become the future of Hobart and Key Club.

Hailey-ween dance

Last year one of Hobart High School students, Hailey Holder, was diagnosed with leukemia. Hailey is a very energetic girl who often puts a smile on someone's face when they meet her. Before her diagnosis she was heavily involved at the school. Now, the community is pulling together to help her. With Hailey having leukemia, the school is trying to give back to her the way that she gave to them, through kindness.

Hailey has a love of dance that led her to enjoy dances with her friends quite often. She tried to go to all of the school dances and would have an absolute blast while she was there. Knowing Hailey’s love for the activity, clubs decided to start a fundraiser for Hailey’s family. They created the first ever Hailey-ween dance to support her. This dance is a halloween themed dance where people in the school can show up dressed in costumes, play fun games, and have fun.

The clubs that are helping sponsor this event are working very hard to make this an exciting event. One of the clubs that is helping to sponsor this event is DECA. DECA is a nationwide organization that focuses on building future emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. They take place is schools all around the globe but mainly in the United States. Another club that helped sponsor the Hailey-ween dance is Brickie Leaders. Brickie Leaders is a club that Hobart founded to bring together students with leadership skills and a thirst for knowledge. The Brickie Leaders of Hobart are very happy to help with this amazing event. National Honor Society is another club that helped with the making of the Hailey-ween Dance. National Honor Society is a club that only allows students with a certain GPA to join. They focus on helping others and themselves plan out their future and help with community service. Booster Club also helped with donations to this event. Booster Club is an organization that helps with the school events. They mainly focus on dances and fundraisers and sinse they are in charge of all the school dances they were asked to help with the newest addition to the dance family.

The dance is Thursday, October 25th from six o’clock to nine o’clock. This dance will be held in the gymnasium for everyone that attends. It costs $10 and tickets will be sold during lunches up until the event. No masks will be allowed but costumes are highly encouraged. Don’t forget about the games and prizes that are to come for those who attend. A quick reminder that there will be subway provided as well as what DECA describes as spooky snacks. Come and participate in this wonderful event to help a fellow student!