#1StudentNWI: February Spotlight, Scheduling, and Dance at LPHS

#1StudentNWI: February Spotlight, Scheduling, and Dance at LPHS

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Lebo
Mrs. Lebo has been a teacher at LPHS for the last 27 years, and she has not slowed down a single bit throughout that time.

Lebo is a well-loved art teacher and has recently taken up teaching the new AP 3D Art class that LPHS has offered for the first time this year. She teaches that along with other basic art classes and is also the Art Department Leader. When it comes down to it, she loves having the opportunity to see all of the talent that her students may have.

“I really love the interaction with the students. The creative talents at LPHS seem endless and exciting. I truly look forward everyday to school--watching my students grow in the arts. Creating art for the community, displaying their art and entering art shows are just a reminder how much I love my job,” Lebo said.

Lebo is also the Art Club advisor, the junior class advisor, is in charge of Prom and is the National Honor Society Advisor. She manages her time wisely to take on all of these activities and she does an exceptional job at juggling the many hats she wears.

Outside of school, much of her time is devoted to her family and watching her two daughters, Taylor and Bayli, play volleyball. Taylor just finished up her senior season at Indiana University and Bayli will be following in her sister’s footsteps in the fall.

LPHS is lucky to have such an experienced art teacher for students to go to everyday, and they appreciate all of the effort she puts into her guiding her students.

La-Porte-1Student-February-2017_02 Student Spotlight: Olivia West
Senior Olivia West is no stranger to hard work and dedication whether it be in the weight room, on the basketball court, or at the horse stable.

West has been playing basketball since she was in fourth grade. Her senior year has brought her more recognition than ever. She takes pride in putting in many hours training at the gym, and she helped lead her team to back to back Sectional championships these last two years. Although she does not think she will continue her basketball career in college, she will always love the sport.

“I had the opportunity to play college basketball but I decided against it so I would be able to focus on my studies full time. I anticipate that I will always have a desire to play, and I’ll be able to do so at local gyms,” West said.

Other than putting in countless hours in the gym, West has been a part of 4-H since she was in third grade. This is going to be her tenth year in the program, and she participates in Swine, Horse and Pony, and Photography. This is an extracurricular that she has always loved to take part in, and fair is her absolute favorite time of the year.

“4-H allows me to showcase my talents outside the classroom or the gym. The fair is the best time of year for me simply because I get to showcase my hard work throughout the entire year. My favorite part about 4-H is the ‘full-time’ affect it has in my life,” West said.

As basketball season comes to a close, West will begin focusing full-time on 4-H and on starting her new chapter at Purdue University in the fall.

La-Porte-1Student-February-2017_03 Scheduling approaches for returning students
While the seniors are taking on their last year of high school, all of the underclassman are getting ready for next year by going over PSAT scores and picking classes.

The students operated under a one hour delay schedule on Wednesday, January 25th so that grades 9-11 could go over PSAT scores and get information on which classes they should be looking at taking next year. By going over their scores, the students received a great indication of which areas they were excelling in and which areas they are struggling in. This will help them know what to focus on when studying for upcoming SAT or ACT tests, making them more prepared for the long run.

When it comes to scheduling for classes next year, Mrs. Hunt, guidance chair, put together a few videos for students to watch to help them get a better understanding of the process. These videos can be found on the LPHS website, or click this link to access the information https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxXWnH3YGy8DRExlS2FhQXFsTlk/view. These can be an excellent tool for parents and students to watch together to make sure a student is on the right track for what he or she needs to graduate.

“High school is the time to try out elective courses for a possible great fit into a later career. Selecting courses which prep students for college or a career is essential to use time and money wisely,” Hunt said.

If students are confused about anything having to do with scheduling, they should be sure to make an appointment with their counselor to get where they need to be.

La-Porte-1Student-February-2017_04 GR dance approaching quickly
Members of Girls Reserves (GR) have been preparing for their annual dance by doing any last minute volunteer work to get their points in and asking their dates to the dance.

GR is a club offered at LPHS for girls who are interested in doing volunteer work for the school and community. Each member is expected to get a certain amount of points, and if at the end of

Feb. they have enough, they are invited to attend the dance with a date. This year the dance falls on Feb. 25th and will be at Heston Supper Club.

“I’m really excited for the dance because we work so hard to go out in the community and get volunteer hours. The dance is just a fun, rewarding celebration for all the hard work we have done,” Lindsey Browder, senior member of GR, said.

The girls involved in GR who have spent all year working to get their points have been talking about the dance since what seems like the beginning of the year. This club is one the most popular at LPHS, as it teaches girls to be strong and gives them the ambition and drive to go out in the community and do good work.

The dance and the dinner before hand will give great recognition to all the work the girls have put in. LPHS appreciates all the girls have done for the community and the school.