#1StudentNWI: February at Highland High School

#1StudentNWI: February at Highland High School
By: Tyler Prendergast Last Updated: February 14, 2020

What’s Coming Up: New Murals at Highland High School

Highland High School is about to get more colorful, thanks to the mural challenge. The Highland High School mural challenge gives students the opportunity to be creative and have an impact on what they want to see on their school walls.

Students were given a window of time to come up with a design and draw it on paper. After submissions were collected, the student body voted on their favorite designs.

The four students who designed the chosen murals are Isabelle Hibbard, Neveah Miranda, Emily Borden, and Olivia Magana. 

Supplies have been ordered and work on the murals will begin soon. Students are excited about the new art that will soon cover the walls, and it’s a great opportunity for them to exhibit their creative talents.

What’s happened recently: Valentine’s Day 

Valentine’s Day was a fun day of celebration for Highland students. To celebrate the day of love, the school offered two options for students to purchase to show appreciation for their friends or significant other.

Students could buy a “Crush” soda can or carnation flower from the National Honors Society in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. The drinks and flowers were delivered during the last period of school on Valentine’s Day, giving students a positive way to end the week as they approach the upcoming three-day weekend.

Highland students have Monday, February 17 off for Presidents’ Day, and classes will resume on Tuesday, February 18.

Staff Spotlight: Nicole Weber

Nicole Weber has been teaching science at Highland for 11 years, and it’s been a great fit.

“It’s always been about animals and science for me, it’s my passion,” Weber said.

Her interest in science started at a young age.

“When other little kids would say they wanted to be a doctor or something, I would always say I wanted to save animals,” Weber said.

Though science is her main interest, she enjoys the teaching aspect of her job as well.

“Watching the students start making connections and seeing how everything fits together and relates to each other is very rewarding as a teacher,” Weber said.

Weber is also in charge of the Science Olympiad for Highland students.

“Science Olympiad is a competition that is made up of science and engineering events. Events can be based in biology, chemistry, engineering, or anything else relating to science,” Weber said.

The events are very diverse.

“Events can include tests, experimental design labs, or may even task the students to design and build something prior to the event,” Weber said.

It’s a great opportunity for students to further their interest in science.

For anyone who wants to participate in the Science Olympiad next fall, Weber has some advice.

“Stop by a call-out meeting and hear what it’s all about. There’s no harm in seeing if you’re interested! You may surprise yourself and find something you’re really into,” she said.

Student Spotlight: Mariana Arceo 

Mariana Arceo, a junior at Highland High School, is a big advocate of art and enjoys art in many styles and mediums.

“My favorite part of art is the ability to produce ideas, concepts, and stories into a physical and visual form, through acting and fine arts,” Arceo said.

Art has always been something Mariana could turn to.

“My inspiration for doing art is the feeling of accomplishment I get after working on a piece or practicing for a role,” she said.

Recently, Arceo’s hard work has been recognized by her fellow classmates when her design concept for this year’s prom T-shirts was selected.

“I felt very honored and proud to have my design chosen,” said Arceo. “Since it’s a school-wide event, it made me elated to know my work would be enjoyed by many. I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

Arceo has honed her talents through hard work and dedication.

“As generic as it sounds, my greatest piece of advice is to always dedicate time to practicing and to use failure as a motivator,” she said.

While some people are just naturally good at art, anyone can improve through practice.

“People take different amounts of time to see improvement, and it helps to just have patience and keep at it,” Arceo said.

Getting the opinions of others can also help.

“I like to hear the feedback of others to help me work harder and improve. This motivation helps me to finish projects sooner and with greater quality,” Arceo said.

With her T-shirt designs on the horizon, it’s likely that Arceo will find herself a new project to work on in the near future.