#1StudentNWI: Dances and Fun at River Forest High School

#1StudentNWI: Dances and Fun at River Forest High School

River Forest’s annual and long-awaited Turnabout dance took place on January 16th. Turnabout is an interesting twist of events; unlike many other dances, turnabout centers around the fact that girls ask guys to go with them. After announcing the date of the dance, the school soon filled with clever, and sometimes humorous, ways of asking that special someone to accompany the asker to the dance. Girls searched frantically and thoroughly to find the perfect dress. Guys pondered what semi-formal really meant; suit or dress shirt or tuxedo? No clue!

Finally, the night of the dance came. The music was loud and the dancing was wild. Photos- visual souvenirs to always remember the night- were taken. The voices of students singing to their favorite songs filled the air. The dance was over all too soon, it seemed. While the dance may have ended and students hesitantly began the familiar routines of life, the memories made that crazy night can never end.

Boys basketball
The new year has brought new determination to the good old Ingot boys. Though a bit disappointed after a hard loss against Boone Grove on January 2nd, the Ingots reminded everyone just what they were made of 6 days later. On January 8th, River Forest scored an incredible win against longtime rival Edison with a final score of 69 to 39. On January 15th, River Forest played against Bishop Noll and lost 74 to 49. The following Monday, River Forest dominated Victory Christian with a 75 to 50 win. The boys take on Hanover Central on the 22nd, and then North Newton on the 30th.

Girls basketball
The girls also have renewed enthusiasm as this new year begins. The Lady Ingots faced Boone Grove on the 7th, with a score of 44 to 22. Just 5 days later, the girls scored another great win against North Newton, scoring 49 to 41. Next, the girls took on Hebron on the 14th and scored yet another win at 60 to 56. The incredible winning streak continued the 19th, where the Ingots faced and won against Wheeler, winning a great 57 to 47. The next school to be knocked down by the phenomenal winning streak was Victory Christian Academy, who lost to the fierce Lady Ingots 66 to 57.The girls play Hammond Gavit on the 26th, and then Kouts on the 28th. We’re sure to see this streak continue.

Student shout Out: Kaleigh Karageorge
Kaleigh Karageorge is a junior at River Forest High school. What she lacks in height Kaleigh makes up in intelligence, funny personality, and growing list of bad puns. Truly, there is no one like Kaleigh at River Forest.

In school, Kaleigh is involved with honors society, tennis, the academic team (decathlon, super bowl, spell bowl), and prom committee. Kaleigh is also an honors student, and her shining grades reflect her intelligence and devotion to the school.

Outside of school, Kaleigh claims to “be pretty boring”. Kaleigh actively keeps up with her tennis skills outside of school, both alone and with friends. Lately, Kaleigh has been binge watching Gray’s Anatomy on Netflix, but she also like to read and do things with her friends.”Like eat,” Kaleigh says. Kaleigh is also in SLYCE (South Shore Leadership Youth for community engagement) too and attends once a month.

After school, Kaleigh is “not too sure” what she wants to major in, but definitely something in science. Molecular biology or something involving genetics is two potential paths she may take. While Kaleigh would like to go away somewhere out of state. she is not positive where yet. “At the very minimum I want to go away to Purdue Lafayette,” says Kaleigh.

Another great mention is that upon being told she was January’s Student Shout Out, Kaleigh was willing to send a photo of her trademark “14 chins” pose. While this photo was ultimately not chosen, we give Kaleigh props for the ability to perform such a feat.

Teacher Shout Out
Mrs. Derolf teaches Government and Economy at River Forest High School. Known for her blunt humor and relaxed class environment, Derolf has always been a favorite at River Forest.

Unlike many other teachers, Mrs. Derolf never had a shining moment where she suddenly knew she wanted to be a teacher. She simply always knew teaching was her destiny, even from a young age. Derolf completed her undergraduate degree and graduate degree at Indiana University Northwest in the neighboring town of Gary, Indiana.

Derolf’s favorite thing about being teacher is “June, July, and August.” This may be a common idea in many teachers. Joking but then more serious, Derolf enjoys meaning something to kids the most.

In her free time, Derolf thoroughly enjoys reading, riding her bike, and gardening. Derolf also enjoys traveling and spends time discovering new places she would like to travel.

Upcoming Events:
January 22nd- Boys Basketball game against Hanover Central
January 26th- Girls Basketball game against Hammond Gavit
January 28th- Girls Basketball game against Kouts
January 30th- Boys Homecoming Game against North Newton